I can't see the Sixers trading Ben Simmons for a 'B-Level' player — Nick | NBA | FIRST THINGS FIRST

The Philadelphia 76ers are reportedly taking calls for Ben Simmons, and Nick Wright lays out what he sees as the Sixers’ best options. As far as Nick is concerned, Philadelphia should trade for Damian Lillard, Bradley Beal, or keep Simmons. Hear why Nick believes the Sixers shouldn’t trade Ben for a ‘B-Level’ player.

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I can’t see the Sixers trading Ben Simmons for a ‘B-Level’ player — Nick | NBA | FIRST THINGS FIRST

First Things First


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  1. First Things First

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  2. Travelling Man

    Ben Simmons is way overrated. He's no super star. He's only a star bc he's talked about as much as Lebron.

  3. Zekarias Goitom

    Lol that 24 joke had me chuckling. Good one Nick

  4. Anthony Palo

    making an argument out of nothing.. is special.

  5. Farquad Shmoogle

    Philly should trade Simmons and Embiid. cant trust either. Simmons on his leadership and cant trust Embiid to stay healthy. So?
    Simmons to the Pelicans for Brandon Ingram.
    Embiid to the Cavs for Collin Sexton.

  6. You guys and your East Coast biases get really annoying sometimes. I challenge everyone reading this to compare the per 100 possessions stats for Beal and CJ McCollum. They're very comparable. CJ is an all-star caliber player and if he and Beal had somehow been drafted by each other's teams it would be CJ in Washington who was the all-star and Beal who was second fiddle. CJ can run a team. He's done very well running the second unit and running the whole team when lillard's been hurt. CJ could easily transition to running Philly's offense.

    Lillard's not getting traded unless he demands one and his demands are contingent on what other moves the Blazers make (or don't) to improve the team.

  7. Coach better? Get more out of him? He’s a grown man scared of shooting a basketball. What are we talking about? This is all on Ben. Doc empowers his players, it’s not like he’s yelling at Ben to not shoot. It’s not like he didn’t have his back all year long, calling out media members for asking Doc if he believed Ben can be on a title team.

  8. Justin Mueller

    Brandon needs to be fired immediately

  9. I Want Winners Produxtions

    Wtf is Nick talking about, I’d trade him for Brogden in a heart beat

  10. Does Brandon not realize ALL the TOP PROSPECTS play 1 year of college? And that 50% or more woulda skipped college if they coulda? 🥴😅

  11. Ben Simmons is Drummond Green with big arrogance

  12. With Ben it's two things 1) free throws start there and just get solid, he has no extension in his legs/ is overall too stiff going up so he's shooting flat. 2) When shooting jump shots take more time instead of just throwing something up. He's so worried about getting fouled and looking bad on free throws it seems like that his eyes aren't really seeing the rim before he shoots so he's just like before they can foul me throw it up when he does shoot a jumper. If people are saying it's mental and he's great in practice he must not be that great in practice. You got to spend the time to get good. This whole am I left or right handed thing doesn't work yet so he needs to pick whatever his dominant hand is and go with that until he can really play with both. I mean that would be awesome to shoot great either hand but if you can't do it, don't until you can.

  13. Tim Naughton

    Brandon Marshall: “you need to work at relationships”

    Also Brandon Marshall:
    – Nine reported domestic violence issues
    – 3 domestic violence arrests

  14. Clint Sevilla

    I am tired of the Sixers roster.

  15. Giannis The OG GOD

    76ers dont have to trade for a point guard they could just sign Mike Conley this offseason!!!! Trade Simmons for somebody else!!!!!

  16. lol, the comment section is funny here. Brandon is correct, too many PPG people floating all around who love box scores and don't watch the actual games

  17. Bill Murrays Cat

    There has never been a less risky statement than "for the right package of course I'm trading him". Oh really? You think? You mean he's not the most valuable player in the league? This show is filled to the brim with empty statements.

  18. Brandon said he would question trading Ben for Brad Beal 🥴 please get this man off TV immediately

  19. The Rockets traded James Harden for what ultimately amounted to Kelly Olynyk and picks. Ben isn’t Harden, Philly will probably take the best available deal and it probably won’t be for a player that’s better than Ben.

  20. Haiti LeBlanc

    Ben for Harden straight up

  21. Dame would want to play with Ben, rather then with Joel.

  22. I agree with Brandon to a point however if they can get lillard I think that is a different story but it will still be Embiid and Lillard against Harden Durant and Kyrie where as Ben Simmons and Embiid are young they dont have to win right now.. If you trade Simmons for anything less than an A grade player which you will need to include a lot of picks for of course than you will lose the trade..

  23. My goodness wiggins slightly improved his game more than ben simmons has. Simmons might be the most over rated player ever

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