IA Crypto News – Thursday Live – Bitcoin, Ethereum, Exchanges like FTX, Coinbase and so much more

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Crypto Update for today we talk Bitcoin, Ethereum, Inflation, Tesla, Argentina, Exchanges, Binance, Key Tokens, The importance of Speed and so much more.

0:00 The opinions expressed in the video are for general informational purposes only and are not intended to provide specific advice or recommendations for any individual or on any specific security or investment product. It is only intended to provide education about the financial industry.

0:30 Regional Banks Adding BTC
We are early and the wall of money is just beginning
Suncrest is the latest working with NYDIG

1:00 Plan B Doubles Down
60K was not the top
Just a few months out of the bear market
PlanB’s S2F model shows Bitcoin reaching $100k & jumping past $288k before next bear market hits

2:00 Ethereum Inflows Outpace Bitcoin
Ethereum saw $27 million worth of inflows last week pre crash
First time there has been higher investment product trading volumes in ETH than in BTC at the firm
Some investors have been diversifying out of Bitcoin and into altcoin investment products (ADA and DOT)

3:00 Argentina – Another Inflation Victim- drive BTC
The country is a haven for the digital asset as it embraces the revolution of independent money.
The Alberto Fernandez administration added 30% cap controls tax for any FX
Citizens are now flocking to Bitcoin.

4:00 Tax News
Money printing needs funding
Cryptocurrency transfers of more than $10,000 will have to be reported – HODL times
US Treasury said cryptocurrency posed a “significant detection problem by facilitating illegal activity broadly including tax evasion”
Tax Gap is more than $7tn over next 10 years! Be careful.

5:00 Elon Musk Repairing his Rep

6:00 In Some Happy News – BlockFi BlockFi accidentally deposited significant amounts of bitcoin into users’ accounts
A screenshot posted by u/donkumon, indicates a 701.4 BTC “bonus payment” described as a “promotion,” giving them an apparent total BlockFi account value of more than $34.8 million.

7:00 Wedbush on Coinbase
Still a buy despite recent volatility
Swings in the price of cryptocurrencies like bitcoin should not scare investors away from the strong underlying business of Coinbase, according to investment firm Wedbush.
Analyst Moshe Katri initiated coverage of the stock on Wednesday with an outperform

8:00 Speaking of Exchanges
Solana $SOL coming to Coinbase soon
However, it has been soapinful for folks not being able to buy what they need when they need it
Also not able to jump on the train yesterday waiting for KYC AML processes
Then funding

9:00 Bunny Finance exposes weaknesses in Binance Smart Chain
An attacker has targeted Bunny Finance using a flash loan to manipulate the price of BUNNY. After they sold the tokens, the price crashed 96%.
Team working on a reimbursement plan for holders affected.

10:00 Binance Smart Chain Issues

11:00 My 7 Exchanges
Why 7?
Different on-ramps for different purposes.
My main drivers:
Token availability
Limit Orders
ACH/Wire/Real time funding

12:00 Recent Exchange Experience
Coinbase outages and token limitations
Binance speed of approvals and funding
Voyager – speed and spreads and fees
RH – cannot self custody
Square – all good
Paypal – cannot self custody
Kraken – all round bad

13:00 SPEED:
$SOL $28 to $50 in 24 hours

14:00 New Alternative: FTX
Partners w Binance
Futures, options, volatility
Up to 101 times leverage
V Competitive trading fees
Settlement in stablecoins
No withdrawal fees

15:00 Key Tokens on FTX

16:00 INVESTANSWERS REFERRAL CODE FOR USA ONLY https://ftx.us/#a=6600802
(Outside of the US, visit the main site at: FTX.com)
My experience:
My app was approved in 6 minutes
I wired money in real-time
ACH’d money in from my bank – they said it could take 7 days but they gave me $5000 credit in advance
I also tested my credit card and made a deposit of $2,999. It all worked perfectly was able to place limit orders on my favorite names.

I am going to quickly make this my new preferred platform. They have a lot of my faves available. When we need to jump on a train we need to be able to jump on it right away, waiting for other exchanges is too painful.

Now in terms of referral, use my code you get 5% off fees and I get a share back also. Any referral credit I receive I will of course donate to animals and children in need (eg kids with cancer etc).

18:00 Need for Speed

Use referral code, get 5% off fees
I get a share of revenue but any revenue made will be donated to animals in need on land and sea.
PAWS Wildlife Sanctuary
Sea Shepherd Conservation Society
Best Friends Society
No Shill, No Frill

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  1. Greg Hathorn

    You do a hell of a job. No rambling. You do your homework and present it in a straight-forward, lucid manner. Professional. Cheers!

  2. I especially appreciate the attention to detail in your token valuation process. Your videos are informative, entertaining and highly appreciated. Thank you for being my most trusted source of crypto information. I'm in Florida and I signed up for FTX exchange today. It was an easy process and it went well just as you suggested. Do you like sushi (the glorious food, not the token)?

  3. Kitten Kaboodles In Time

    Have you tried ATANI yet? Previously was etoshi

  4. I started using FTX solely to buy Solana. It’s an incredible exchange!

  5. Voyager pays out interest on holding tokens and has your profit/loss/average cost which I like. I just buy on coinbase then send to my Voyager waller. I just started though I'm new

  6. Hello. Love your approach, thank you. Could you please review 'bear' tokens such as ETHBEAR and BNBBEAR etc as available on FTX. Is it just the same as buying normal coins? Seems a good way to benefit from market dips. Not sure of the risk. Thank you.

  7. isaac wiegel

    Do you ever do leverage trading ?

  8. what we have learned. Never cheat on the king bitcoin, all junk alt coins will perish

  9. like the vid and content, but i don't believe hyper inflation is classed as 42%, it more like in the 1'000's or millions %.

  10. Love your videos, great job, keep it up. I have a question for you:-

    What will happen to the price of bitcoin if they modify the protocol to add more bitcoins, like raise the number from 21 million as of now? And how likely is that to happen?

  11. Where are you, I need youuuu

  12. Tina Kuligowski

    Exchange review… here's the short of it… if I can connect my bank, it's good; if I have to use a credit card and go through that stupid Simplex payment gateway, it's not good. Just got onto FTX with your referral code… LOVE IT! I even setup my very first limit order.

  13. Will Eth go back up ? 🙁

  14. James, I want to post a very relevant bitcoin article here, however once I post the link in the comment section it gets deleted. On which channel can I send you the link?

  15. Thank you James, once again, for the excellent advice, and calming but exciting delivery!
    I’m getting an “unexpected error. Try again later” every time I try to validate level 1 for FTX.
    Anyone else experiencing this or have any idea what that’s all about? I sure would love to buy this SOL dip! (U.S.)

  16. Matt Zolofra

    Thanks for your videos

  17. Hello, the slide at 12:30 you mention Kraken as being an "all around bad" exchange – without providing any details. I have used Kraken for years with great experience, and I actually have never heard something negative like this. Could you please explain why you think this?

  18. Joe Pantoliano

    I have 10 BTC to sale.

  19. I'd like you to have a debate with Charles Hoskinson about Ethereum Security vs. Cardano Security.

  20. Hi from HK. Another great video! Spent some time staying in Palermo Buenos Aires back in 2013. Travelled all around the country: beautiful place, great fun loving people and the first time I heard the term Bitcoin. Wished I had brought some back then but got to the party a little later. Keep up the good work.

  21. China will ban crypto outright in favor of CBDC. Censor, monitor, control. CCP need to lock people's accounts if they disobey. Cash reward for loyal party members.

  22. leolady stewart

    Thank you, Thank you, listening to you just aligns me to stay on the path.

  23. Leonidis King

    The MACD has never been this low in the history of Bictcoin, we are oversold! We just need to wait for an uptrend to confirm we hit rock bottom. I would love to get your thoughts on this?

    Will an uptrend confirm we hit rock bottom and new BTC heights are around the corner since the MACD is the lowest its ever been?

  24. Child of God

    Thank you. Learning tons from you. Appreciate your hard work.

  25. Oliver Duarte

    Hello James for people outside US what do you thin of Uphold?

  26. Love your insights so please keep encouraging everyone to stay engaged. You’ve mentioned an event in June or July that could materially impact the price of BTC, what is that event so I can we find more details?

  27. Andy Nicholls

    First time watcher (wont be the last) enjoyed your content
    Cheers from Australia

  28. Don't you think that the more China cracks down on crypto, the more the West should support it? Because, geopolitics, Syriana, subterfuge … ooh, Script idea … Hey, get Clooney on the line!

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