IA News: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, Google, Tesla, Binance, Coinbase IPO and so much more.


In today’s news, we cover Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, Google, Tesla, Binance, Coinbase IPO and so much more.

Disclaimer: This is not investment advice but it is Edutainment.


0:00 Introduction
0:20 Bitcoin Supply Update Miners not selling
Exchange reserves hitting multi-year lows
Incessant stream of corporates, funds, large and small investors piling into BTC
People want to be paid in BTC

1:30 Bitcoin Floor per Willy Woo 1T BTC Market Cap is new BTC floor
Which is a price of $53,500 per BTC
Volatility is visibly lower this cycle
11.5% of all BTC in circulation were moved above $1T mkt cap implies massive support

2:15 Bitcoin Eating the World – Silver Next – Top 7 asset is about to be overtaken by Bitcoin
2T market cap on the cards…who is next in line?

3:00 Post Silver it is Google
I hold AAPL but exit is set
Google is my only keeper from FAANG
The Map Post Silver

4:00 Speaking of Google – Split? – 2:1 in 2014 stock was at $1K
Some say overdue
Do Good Google may not fold…. But appears overdue
Split announcements can spike a stock up 15-20% in pre split run

4:30 Benioff: Everyone Wants to be Paid in BTC SFDC CRM Benioff Time Mag
Cryptocurrency fund leader Grayscale partnering with Time Magazine
Time has agreed to be paid in bitcoin (BTC-USD) and will hold said bitcoin on its balance sheet.

5:00 MSTR: Everyone Wants to be Paid in BTC MSTR paying board in BTC
Will they HODL and what happened to HODLing?

5:30 Jim Cramer: Everyone Wants to be Paid in BTC “It is a store hold of value.”
“This is a $2 trillion market cap maybe going to $3 trillion”
But purely as Bitcoin? Without any conversion to FIAT?
“Absolutely, as a matter of fact I may demand it.”

6:00 Zombie Banks Hong Kong Shanghai Bank Do you like banks telling you what to do?
Most HSBC rev comes from HK
Business is terrible and deposits waning
Mainland China is threatening business
Vote with your wallet and leave ASAP
JPM BTC Fund is 20% M

6:30 Speaking of China and BTC & CBDCs US needs one per Mike N
“Zero evidence of the Chinese government buying bitcoin”
Peter Thiel as someone who “likes to say things that are provocative.”

8:00 Ethereum Banging on the $2,200 Door ETH knocking on 2.2K resistance
Has moved nicely making new ATH’s
But still only at exactly 1.5X previous 2018 ATH while BTC at 3x ATH
Should break new ATH on $COIN ipo

9:00 Cardano ADA Coiling up Cardano price targets $2 ahead of Alonzo upgrade
Bounced off support
Bullish sign
Relatively flat for 7 weeks
ADA ready to go to $1.50 esp if the Crypto world blows up on Coinbase IPO

10:30 Tesla Token on Binance A sign of the future
Decentralized Tokenized Exchanges (aka synthetics)
Trading April 12th
100th of a Share ie $7 to get a piece of $TSLA
Actual increment fee-free with the underlying security
Next chapter…..

11:00 Speaking of $TSLA Elon playing with Twitter Was this a Binance precursor ($T up nearly 4% or $25 today)
or bullish stance on Bitcoin
or SpaceX could follow Tesla in adding bitcoin to its balance sheet

Try a piece
Add as it stabilizes
Worth Buying?!

Supply continues to dry up
Demand increasing
New BTC Floor per Willy Woo at 53K
Nobody wants FIAT everyone wants BTC
Zombie banks – talk with your wallet
China FUD
ETH has more to run
Cardano Coiling up
Binance and Tesla is a sign of the future – Decentralized and Tokenized Everything

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