IHE USA Global Health Standards Acceleration Lab: Interoperability as a Global Good

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As the world embarks on the largest vaccination initiative in its history, the health IT community is called to the front line to ensure the seamless, secure exchange and management of people’s healthcare data. OpenMRS is a platform that countries and implementers use to create a customized EMR system with a common platform, the availability of a concept dictionary, and core set of modules in response to actual needs on the ground. OpenHIE is a reusable architectural framework that introduces a service oriented approach, maximally leverages health information standards, enables flexible implementation by country partners, and supports interchangeability of individual components. These two reference architectures and communities drive the digital transformation of healthcare around the world. This IHE USA Global Health Standards Acceleration Lab demonstrates the technical foundations supporting these two health IT global goods and how organizations around the world are leveraging these powerful communities to respond locally to urgent global health emergencies such as COVID-19 and HIV.


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