ikonik Skin without Credit Card or Samsung

This is how you can acquire the ikonik Skin without Credit card or additionally even without the Galaxy S10,S10 Plus or S10e. See how you can do this for your Fortnite account.

Official Unlock method:https://youtu.be/Q1CbwCRl3jw

#iKonikSkin #Fortnite #iKonikSkinNoCreditCard


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  1. You didnt show n-e-ting bruh

  2. debit card doesnt work

  3. Nordin Weijman

    Who is her for the new glow skin??

  4. Yo mi G, need your help

  5. Are u jamaican? I need your help bro

  6. Can someone please give me a debit card or a credit card

  7. Noha Hamzawy

    were is the 3 number

  8. Dhairya Morzaria

    Bruh can we use debit card instead of credit card?

  9. Hi can i get one pls

  10. Gratis? Asal mana?

  11. I cannot use my debit card while redeeming my skin as there is no option for it…

  12. Aliya Torres

    Can it be a DEBIT ? Not credit

  13. Hey, if I use my friends phone will my credit card save on his phone please answer

  14. if i enter my card info in my friends phone does the card info get saved or not

  15. ミックスkoe

    Well I will never get ikonik then.

  16. Love. Ur. Accent.❤️👍🙏🥳🥳

  17. theadventuresrapa!!

    I bought the phone and it isbt even working😭😭😭😭😓😓😓😓

  18. I have a rabobank acc

  19. David Ortaga

    So you can use a debit card? And please someone answer

  20. Chriscard Goal

    Emm bro im using a debit card and when i write my code it says wrong code, do i have to do something else?

  21. KillerSKULL Games

    What if it says my card is wrong

  22. Buy the phone and everything and it declines my master card FMl

  23. I don't have a credit or debit card and my parents won't let me use theres

  24. jorge hernandez

    If I use a débit card Will work?

  25. Hahah hes a afrikaaaan

  26. Xaibior Echo

    I don't have credit card or debit card what should and I live alone

  27. 000KonstanS000

    Can you do it with PaySafeCard or like visa gift card???

  28. NoeHasProblems


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