Imminent Ethereum BREAKOUT to $4k (Market Double Top Coming?)

Ethereum and Bitcoin have been trading sideways with minor movements in the last few weeks since the crypto crash in May. What will happen to the price of Ethereum and the price of Bitcoin in the short term moving forward? Are we looking at a bullish or bearish scenario?

Today I sat down with Carl from @The Moon to discuss the possible upcoming breakouts of Bitcoin and Ethereum. He’s going to give us his Bitcoin and Ethereum technical analysis that shows why he thinks the bull run isn’t quite done yet. Stay tuned for his latest BTC and ETH price prediction.

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0:00 Intro
1:31 Interview Starts
3:22 Bitcoin Chart
9:34 Ethereum Chart

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    Scammers are getting much worse guys. They are now using my name and logo in comments to trick you. DO NOT EVER send money to someone from the comments or DMS. They are scammers 100%. I do not have anyone who trades for me and manages others' money. Be careful!

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  4. So it could go up or down?

  5. Kudakwashe Zvarevashe

    Bit-boy out… 🙂

  6. On it's way to retest 32k, don't say i did not told you so

  7. Except you didnt predict Elon's Tweet !!!

  8. vikrant singh

    Why bit boy face look like a bear 😂😂😂

  9. in dubai..but never seen the sun

  10. This is complete garbage 🗑

  11. The charts don’t mean squat when a billionaire tweets.

  12. There are two types of ppl in crypto

    1. Those who realize we have the battle of our lifetimes to choose BTC as our money and not allow the demonic wet dream of the Central banks to control the earth with their surveilance coin

    2. Ppl who want their bags to be pumped

    Ben you have all of the world watching, don't be an Elon, be for the people, let them know they are in a war for their souls and those of future generations


    It's up to us to choose to use it

    Give up chasing gains to fight for freedom and you will be rewarded with freedom, properity for all and wealth on top of that

  13. Freetheweedz

    Fuck dubai. Australia is were the partys at

  14. and elon came and fark everything up LOL

  15. Coin Bureau

  16. Alastair Kay

    If Elon farts again ,, we're back to $36k

  17. Blah blah

  18. Shane Reimroc

    The desire of people to see this downturn as a bull market is nearly hysterical. Read the TA, and stop putting feelings into the market. Bitcoin is now "technically an asset", its not a fucking kitten or puppy, if it goes down then use your head and short. Of course all of the best traders always short at 100x leverage. Call a spade a spade and stop playing games. Also the current best way to trade this market is with a very very evil mindset. If you trade with the idea that whales will dump when hope increases in the market you will make gains. TA means nothing at this point in time.

  19. Naah we screwed. Elon says so.

  20. I like perfection. The deposit and withdrawal process for bitcoinsamurai was smooth as advertised, but I'm pissed they didn't pick up on time. That's a no for me even though it's only a minute late.

  21. Ha, Elon ruined this video

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