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Today’s Crypto News: Bitcoin [btc] | Binance Coin [bnb]

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  1. Sold all my Eth and sold all my Defi. All the so called "top picks" have done nothing but bleed out value and I will never again pay those gas fees – wasted thousands. Eth is dead to me – dont even care if it does 5x, I can get those gains elsewhere

  2. 18:19 Liked: "It all hinders on the projects themselves" Bonus decoder key: 17:51 "2d'n 18, 2d'n 19, 2d'n 20" = two thousand 18, 19, 20"… 18:52 "they have a prob'm" = "they have a problem"… 20:09 "that figger" = "that figure"… 20:17 "go' drop" = "going to drop"… 20:52 "Everything is spleck… splecalatory. You're just versing other projects" = "Everything is speculative. You're just comparing other projects"

  3. 18:19 Liked: "It all hinders on the projects themselves" Bonus decoder key: 17:51 "2d'n 18, 2d'n 19, 2d'n 20" = two thousand 18, 19, 20"… 18:52 "they have a prob'm" = "they have a problem"… 20:09 "that figger" = "that figure"… 20:17 "go' drop" = "going to drop"… 20:52 "Everything is spleck… splecalatory" = "Everything is speculative"

  4. Thank you George for clarifying this wall of info about Crypto into something i can get my head around. James

  5. BNB all the way. It's a good exchange, a good team behind it. Plus theres only a supple of 180 million.

  6. btw i bought more btc yest at 52k. doesn't seem to matter when you buy. it is going up 10k a week. just crazy. i think they try to stop it anyway they can. too many little people getting very big. that's bad for elites. i hear they talked about creating a 'transfer tax' on trades to slow things down. i guess cap gains tax isn't enough for the greedy bastards. biden was talking about 70% cap gains before the election. you can lose all you want (thanks to thieves who run the market in cahoots with the politicians), but shame on people who make some money, they must be punished

  7. Can we expect a substantial pullback? If so, what’s your predictions on how much/when?? Been DCA’ing but would like to get it on sale if even possible lol. Good luck to all my fellow holders.

  8. it's getting scary. what is going to happen next? i'm afraid the feds try to put a lid on it. btc is set to upset their little world.

  9. At the moment I think people just want cheap and fast translations, but at the end of the day Binance Smart Chain is kind of a scam, they just cloned ethereum, the founder let 20 of his friends run all the validator nodes (there’s literally only 21 nodes compared to Ethereum’s thousands)

  10. Why is tether so high on the list? Isn’t it just a stable coin?

  11. Hi George, you content is so very in depth on analysis of the market which gives your channel a lot of credit.
    God Bless you & your family

  12. ADA should be moveing like Binance Coin is rediculous. Not justified AT ALL. Binance is a joke.

  13. Best crypto youtuber bar none! I’d reallyyy like to know his opinion on Elrond, has anyone heard him mention it and where he thinks its good or bad??

  14. Ivanontech made this point yesterday, but the top could come sooner than past conditions because there’s on-chain analysis available now that never existed. The institutions could pre-emotively sell one day before the NUPL chart goes to euphoria, so that might be the new top now. Everyone waiting for the chart to go blue will catch a fall instead.

  15. George – Tesla is having problems in China and have been called to testify in a hearing over QC issues. That’s hitting the share price as well. Strong buy point will be 774.00

  16. Etherium fees will kill it because everyday Joe don't like to pay fees….

  17. The Roman Empire paid their soldiers in silver. It’s been around for at least that long.