Insane Gains Incoming! MultiVac MTV Analysis & Update | Crypto News Today

Insane Gains Incoming! MultiVac MTV Analysis & Update | Crypto News Today

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  1. Do you guys like the ARPA coin too, isn’t it tied to MTV coin somehow?

  2. Augustus Strokes

    Appreciate the info.
    You'd think coin base would list the most technologically advanced blockchains before the overhyped ones…
    Anyways regarding your price prediction, "…30 cent area by the time the bull run actually finishes"
    If technical analysis indicates a 9.5 cent target, what justifies the 30 cent prediction? What do you guys think?

  3. i have been debating whether to sell my position this bull cycle and buy millions more in the bear market…but…what will that look like and will it really be a bear market?

  4. kurt gunderson

    MultiVAC let's go!

  5. This aged well

  6. I tell anyone remotely interested in crypto about MTV and always recommend your channel 🙌


  7. 0,50 cents this year.

  8. Alborz Radio

    Thanks for the update 🥂

  9. MultiVAC (MTV) – Scalability Redefined 💫 Beats Eth 2.0 hands down!

    ✔️ Parallelizes consensus processing, storage, & message transmission
    ✔️ DApp developers can trade off between decentralization, scalability, & security
    ✔️ Insanely high Transactions per Second!


  10. Multivac is a crypto to put a side for retirement.. thanks for the useful videos

  11. Only regret with MTV is not buying a lot more at my entry price of .003 🚀🚀🚀🚀

  12. Ricky Quinlan

    Thanks nick, this is a game changer, hopefully a listing soon 🙏🙏🙏

  13. Zulfiqar Majeed

    MTV🙌💵🙌! Thanks 🙏

  14. @Cheeky Crypto, i love your content. I am a whale 🐋 on Mtv and love your content ✊🏻

  15. gogo

  16. Richard Barnes

    I really like what your work has done for a few months, but only criticism when it comes to the negative or pullbacks you talk so quickly it almost ignores the potential broader market issue. Just feel that is my only request

  17. Always much thanks for u guys dropping the knowledge on these super small cap gems like multivac…..feel so lucky for this opportunity I know patience will pay hopefully we can get some listings on more exchanges here soon over next few weeks months thanks 🙏 again guys!

  18. 0.30 minimum this project will be in the multi billions in marketcap its finally getting the exposure it deserves

  19. Richard Barnes

    It really looks like btc is going to be low 40's until end of September, do you still feel. Mtv can perform?

  20. Yes you are right .. mtv to moon

  21. Thanks nick💙brilliant as always

  22. mtv 🚀

  23. Matt Patrick

    Thanks for the MTV video nick 🙂

  24. MultiVAC’s tech is really interesting. If they achieve what they’re aiming to achieve, their sharding technology will allow them to basically be what ETH2.0 is supposed to be. And it’s a 70Mcap asset. I’ll be holding until 2B market cap, I think it’s possible to achieve that by 2022.

  25. 🤑🤑🤑

  26. Thank you

  27. Ethereal Beef

    I literally just topped up my bag, manifesting 💎

  28. Christian Elston

    Thanks Nick and thanks Chris. Really grateful I was pointed towards you guys when I first got into crypto in January this year. #ada #vet #one #mtv #wmt #meld #xrp

  29. Remco053 Cardano

    How to stake MTV. Can you make an video

  30. I just bought some yesterday. Do you think it is worth staking at this stage? or just hold and farm the dips during bull cycle and stake in bear?

  31. Jonathan Wright

    MTV is a generational wealth kinda investment for me, I truly believe this will change lives the next bull cycle

  32. best dex to buy multivac? if not best cex?

  33. Michael Magee

    Thanks for always giving top content. Really appreciate it!

  34. Michael Magee

    I hold a reasonable bag of mtv but have cash on the side… I really hope I can load up on more…

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