Intense Bitcoin FOMO Setting In (Richest Whales Accumulating Crypto 2021)

In this video, we will discuss the price of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and the top altcoins. We’ll take a look at the cryptocurrency markets and the latest crypto news. We’ve seen 9 days in the green on the Bitcoin daily chart. Will this positive Bitcoin price momentum continue? We’ve got some HUGE XRP news for you today.

4:30 Market Watch
11:05 Q&A
26:32 Charts & NUPL
34:50 Whales Accumulating
40:30 $1.5B Options
46:28 Hood Fail / Ceek
54:00 Spezialfunds
59:38 XRP Rumors / CTSI
1:10:20 86 Binance Europe
1:13:25 Congress Crypto

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  1. This is really nice….. I've learned so much from this video

  2. Kooopa logo om desk ??

  3. Why the turtle on the desk ?

  4. Michael Scharrer

    A very quiet Ben after shut down his channel, maybee somebody push him down? Hope so not, please fight again 👍

  5. Magnus Zerum

    I'm good with Bitcoin going sideways until Sep 1 then go to 100K.

  6. timestamps please !

  7. Michelle Stuart

    100% of Bens tweets are on twitter!

  8. el allaoui aziz


  9. el allaoui aziz

    Buy $vether

  10. Where can I buy xrp?

  11. lineage done

    whats the site he uses ?

  12. Ben: The government is NOT in the business of solving problems. When we have taken solutions to the committee the aid for the senator said that we will not be allowed to move forwards because then the problem would be solved and the senator would lose his position and authority. But TALKING about it and pretending to investigate is what they do.
    Read one of Richard Feynman's books when he was assigned to the Columbia Shuttle accident committee. That experience of his that he documented will tell you exactly how the U.S. Government works.

  13. Check out what's new in the wolfpack. Meet the Baby Moon Wolf team behind the scenes, updated roadmap and whitepaper! Come join the wolf pack today! #BMWtoken #BabyWolf #howlwithus

  14. Live U First

    Serious question regarding cyber attack should we move most/all of our crypto assets on hard wallet to make it thru cyber attack? What if the point of attack is to steal / "lock" us out of exchanges. The tech companies are involved, so you know it is possible!

  15. Danin Johnson

    There are a lot of people leaning on the government because the public systems that support the masses are so inadequate at the state & federal levels. It's easy to "make the statement that too many people are dependent on the government" but which government. State governments fail more than the federal side, since they are supposed to handle the people directly in their particular jurisdiction. Instead they constantly cry about the Fed interfering. Make public education accountable, make healthcare accountable, get corporations to do more, and then maybe you can get less Federal Government interference. States need to step up both red & blue ones…just saying!😁

  16. 1:19:50 Bitboy just passed on legal briefs/Hogan's opinion about the Ripple v SEC case settling as his own. Despicable! He could have just said "Jeremy Hogan made a whole video yesterday where (the day before Bitboy made this video) he thinks the case is going to settle and I agree with him". But to pass on that opinion as his own is low.

  17. Danin Johnson

    Ben, you need to propose in paper form to the SEC the same thing that GSA did for helping agencies move to the Cloud. GSA created a group call 18F which is staffed by temp industry people who work in the cloud space.

  18. Anthony Andrews

    Love that insight

  19. Depositions are not normally made public. They are part of discovery of evidence leading up to the actual trial.

  20. lead by a guy named Ben who loves to scream.

  21. Cathie wood explained the deflation but still seeing btc at 200k very well

  22. Руслан Печніков

    Bitcoin is financial masterpiece!

  23. Abdul-Jabbar HUSSEIN

    Launch your own currency. And her name is BitBoy you will succeed

  24. Shiba Inu!!!

  25. So cardano's going to go down??

  26. There's only a couple exchanges that are selling XRP so it's kind of hard to get a recommended spot to get XRP?

  27. ••Personally, my advice to most crypto traders is to carry out personal research to enable them learn about the market and it's volatility to know what they're up to.••

  28. Oh Jesus your right bitboy

  29. Rakel Kebaaabos


  30. The Alex Jones Is strong in this one

  31. Amen brother

  32. Carlo De Leon

    Bro you know so many “guys” lol

  33. Arrogance. Tesla & Elon already have plans for self custody when they accept payments again. It’s always been the plan

  34. Marianos Gaming

    Best channel in history!

  35. Where is the best place to buy xrp?

  36. george william philip Greencre

    Shout out magic players!!

  37. I wonder if bitboy still holds ERN

  38. Stoney Vision

    It's sad we can't even talk about this situation we've been facing. I made a whole video talking about it and event 201; youtube deleted it. What happened to freedom of speech? Don't trust anything they tell us

  39. Caffeine withdrawals are really tough… much stronger drug than many realize because we are all caffeinated lol.. feel free to quit and see how you feel…it’s not pretty

  40. Marek Franek

    Hey bitboy. Can you stream on rumble??

  41. Man, I hope bitcoin breaks past 42k, I selected BTC as my reward through dexIRA and have been collecting up a nice little bag.

  42. Antonio Rodriguez

    Yay!!!! Thank GOD your back. I tweeted for you!! Lol 😂

  43. Travis Moore

    Would you sell Polygon when it hits those highs or just hold everything in hopes of a continuation or super cycle of some sort?

  44. Richard Schueller: Bitcoin will go to 10k first.

    Bitcoin: shut up kid.

  45. Whydasofanny

    And he’s back up for the next 4 days

  46. FOIA!!!!!!!!

    call Tom Fitton!!!☹️

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