International Entrepreneur Reveals His Toxic Mould Survival Journey and Value of Health in Business

Podcast with Mike Dillard

Mike Dillard is the host of his podcast The Mike Dillard Show (formerly the Self Made Man Podcast) and serial entrepreneur with several multimillion-dollar businesses including Mike Dillard Media, The Elevation Group and Magnetic Sponsoring. Mike resides in Austin, Texas and aside from his business pursuits is dedicated to his family and an avid motorsports man.
Today he joins Steve Stavs because his entrepreneurial success story was stopped to a grinding halt by a mysterious health crisis, eventually discovered to be extreme toxic mold exposure, that nearly cost him his life. But Mike is now over three years into his health journey and nearly fully recovered as well as being a changed man with a fresh perspective.

Join us as we explore:

· The dangers of becoming addicted to that entrepreneurial lifestyle
Mike’s journey from waiting tables to several multi-million dollar businesses
· How to empower entrepreneurs without having them have to break their body
· What helped as well as harmed Mike on his health journey
· What to do to detoxify from mold exposure
· The effect of health struggles on business and family
· The loss of identity in becoming disablingly sick
· The hopelessness but treasure of a health crisis
· The amazing potential of technology to our health
· Mike’s COVID experience
· The future of bio-tech and functional medicine
· The future of money and crypto-currency
· What to do financially to create sovereignty in your life
· The values Mike and Steve believe all young people must hear
· Mike’s top 3 biohacks
· And finally Mike’s call for courage

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