International Women's Day 2020: We are #GenerationEquality

Around the world and through the decades, we have all shared in the global struggle for gender equality. From the Suffragettes to the Ni Una Menos movement and from Sojourner Truth to Malala Yousafzai, activists and women’s movements have stood up and spoken out for a fairer world, time and time again. Regardless of our age, country, background or gender, the fight for equal rights has collectively defined our lives and we must take action together to achieve it.

This International Women’s Day, UN Women’s multi-generational campaign, Generation Equality, brings together past and present advocates to demand gender equality in this generation. 25 years since the adoption of the Beijing Platform for Action in 1995, the campaign mobilizes governments and civil society to take bold action and keep the promises of the visionary agenda for gender equality.

Narrated by Ghida Fakhry

Special thanks to:
Jaha’s Promise, a documentary film by Patrick Farrelly and Kate O’Callaghan
(Accidental Pictures, Guardian News & Media, First Hand Films)
Le Gang Rose, a documentary film by Felipe Vargas
GCTN Africa
UNDP Eurasia, the United Nations Development Programme in Europe and Central Asia
Dawn Cooper Barnes, Aurora Productions
Marvel Tarr, Ghana Broadcasting Co.
Dignity and Power Now
Wasfia Nazreen
The Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum

Join UN Women’s #GenerationEquality campaign to accelerate gender equality actions and mark the 25th anniversary of the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action, the most visionary agenda for women’s rights and empowerment everywhere:

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  1. Silvia Landa

    I love watching this video again and again. It still makes me cry!!! never give up!!

  2. boncoeur nadia

    Women are still treated as if they were stone aged ones …🥲

  3. West m Azad hy wo q manty hy

  4. At all times there has always been a certain difference between men and women. Not due to sex, gender, physical traits, but from the moment in which the woman became independent from the man and began to perform tasks that the man did, it was a stir.
    Little by little women were included in jobs, positions and were given certain privileges, but not like men. To date, women have had to suffer that inequality, either because they are a woman, they earn less, that if they are a woman they cannot have a very high position in politics, from my point of view I am against it, since we can all be capable of carrying out any task so we propose it. As it is said in the video, if you as a woman want to do something that changes the world, do it, be the first, be the only one to become history, but in this last decade, after social networks, the number of feminicides increased, This movement has become increasingly difficult and all because of the society that surrounds us. For me today there are many people who think in an old-fashioned way and believe that women do not deserve the same as men. So thanks to March 8 is where we know that at a certain point all women should not feel proud for the simple fact of being a woman and seeing how women have changed the way they see the world. To conclude, I think that by making all those protests and not going to violence, providing information to children from an early age about what has happened around the world, publishing posts, videos, infographics and so these are shared and future generations have a different way of thinking, accepting and respecting women.

  5. Maryam's Wisdom


  6. I speak a little English, I want to help you.
    I cannot remember my name or the name of my daughter or the city of protecting my daughter. I also protected myself. I left Africa after the death of a husband to Arab countries. I gave birth to my first daughter after my daughter was ten years old. I married an Arab man and had two children. My daughter lived with her father's family until she was thirteen years old   Then she lived with me
    It was a good start a little  With time. I saw their real face toward my daughter Not only they, but also the wife of my daughter's uncle Treat them bad
    And he revealed her eldest son was harassing my daughter.
    He tried to rape my daughter and I paid my daughter And she asked for a divorce, take him out of school Because they're They played in her legal papers. And also.  Her eldest son was waiting for my daughter in front of the school door They have a strong relationship with the police
    The basis of the law is always against foreigners He hit me and threatened me He's going to charge my daughter with stealing and depriving me of my son And my little girl My daughter  I'm going to jail I had no choice but to Her father's family thinks my daughter will be better, but it will be worse Her uncle's wife was physically and psychologically abused   My daughter She said to my daughter words She said that she has a relationship with my husband's son Her father's family decided to marry a man from Africa To my daughter. Old man
    My daughter is a minor who has not reached 16   I didn't shut up
    I came to take my daughter, but they refused to kick me out
    I went to the Police But give my daughter her uncle because she's male. They said he can marry her because he is her guardian He asked for help from the human rights and women's rights organization but all refused
    Also, a woman in the women's rights organization and no man in the United Nations told me she had no time to help me
    Others asked for money. I gave them, but after that I couldn't find them taking all my money
    There's only 19 days left for the wedding.

  7. Beatrice Nkundwa

    Women should have the right to travel, to work and study.

  8. AL Dor for shore

    I'm a male and I'm so excited about this gender e quality women are going to do all the work for us they're going to be the strong Heroes and save us in every situation I will be able to sit home on my ass as a male and smoke crack and meth and do whatever I need achieve that while the women are brainwashed into thinking they're super beings😍🙏 please keep this up I love my freedom now

  9. AL Dor for shore

    More gender equality please🙏🙏 let the women do everything and think their superheroes while I sit at home don't stop please it's working perfectly for the men why the women do all the work

  10. Boring

  11. I just destroyed your evil man hating religion with one video.

  12. Woman should HAVE the same rights as men. I'm probably the only man who doesn't have hate for woman.

  13. Green Sprite

    It’s bullshit that international women’s day is celebrated so much and international men’s isn’t, like how the fuck is that not sexist towards males? I can already hear you all stupid whiny bitches writing bullshit like “bUt mEn aRE sO PrIvIlegEd bY sOcIeTy, sO iT A dAy fOr mAlEs woUlDnT maKe aNy sEnsE”, but that’s bullshit becuase females aren’t as discrimated as they think they are, males are actually no more privileged then women are, men face a lot a sexism too, if a woman disrespects a man, she’s often praised, but if a man treats the same woman equally bad, all the SJWs and far left assholes call him a “sExIsT”, and I’m not denying the actual sexism that women face becuase that still exists, like how women are socially expected to take their husband’s last names, but again, people need to stop whining all the time about male privilege becuase it’s not as big a problem as SJWs make it out to be

  14. Does anyone know what the name of this song is? I never can find it I’ve tried a few times! Thank you love the video. 🙌🏽👏🏽 #WomensEquality

  15. jebus christler

    The feminist are taking over!

  16. Martin goodman

    Alll the people who disliked are men

  17. Paulo Chan, Royal Blood, bragging about the numbers of likes is not possible when the main comment has been deleted 😋  Paulo, it's not my problem that your only way to "discuss" a topic is by insulting your oponent because you're triggered af and are not in control of yourself. You saw what you get from it: A lot of deleted comments 😂😂😂

  18. Covid19 has destroyed feminism and MeToo. Because now there is a real problem to worry about.

  19. ⭐Manhart⭐

    The rules of the world

  20. Generation equality is good initiative of UN WOMEN
    as societal growth parameters can be seen through women

  21. Sad that International Men’s day doesn’t get this much recognition

  22. Feminism degenerated into a selfish cult…nothing more.
    Sexism for women… to shout 'misogyny, toxic masculinity, patriarchy, mansplaining, sexism, the endless shame, blame and accuse men… rather than simply having a life and getting on with it.

  23. Double Trouble

    You all dumb you got rights but you don’t put yourself out there dumb people

  24. All united for GENDER EQUALITY, but the future we create for WOMEN AND GIRLS is up to all of us? How the hell is the gender "EQUAL"?

  25. This video is so freaking moronic. Of course I don't oppose women's rights or gender equality but we've achieved those things in the developed world decades ago, and the idea that feminists are only fighting for equality and discrimination is patently absurd, since they have clearly NEVER ONCE cared to fight for the lack of rights for men or fight against the discrimination they face and have faced since the dawn of time, which women have directly benefited from. Funny how equality is always a one-way street when it comes to feminists. And when they've got nothing to complain about anymore, they invent statistics and spread fear-mongering mostly in the form of blatant misandry to further their asinine narrative. It'd be much easier to support this if they didn't continuously push such contempt for men and completely ignore the insane privileges that particularly Western women enjoy over men.

  26. Qui est la a cause de Mr lugo😂

  27. Funny how most misogynistic comments were deleted in a blink of an eye. Them trying to insult women and undermine women's rights leads to deletions of comments (Legionary Armada) and problems with their accounts (yahooback1999). Best thing: For about a year now, it's pretty easy to lay a criminal complaint against people who use hate speech and insults as a tool on social media.

  28. international mens day: every guy forgets its international mens day
    international women's day: this…

  29. Grandmaster Stitch

    I cannot possibly be more jealous.
    – Donatello

  30. Wow my ex his back

  31. If you're running in a race and you suddenly duck out of the race, do you think the other racers will notice? Answer – No.


  33. Too bad American women feminists don’t care about women in other countries.

  34. It's all fucking bollocks, most normal people don't really give a toss. Just another reason to go out, make a noise and take pictures for social media. It's not a perfect world for any of us, it never will be, it's all political bullshit and fucking boring!

  35. Robert Eugene

    You lost me when I saw "(hashtag) metoo," and Greta Thunberg. If you are marching for irrational causes, I have no reason to believe in your stated intentions.

  36. Wishing all the women of the world happy International Women's Day. Only for your contributions as mothers,sisters,home makers & friends we live our lives peacefully. Hats off! Samar Sinha, Haldia,West Bengal,India.

  37. 10 of March is the internation Men's day, let's see who will remember about that, who will make a video, who will give us flowers or at least wish us something good, or will only silence remain because #MensDay is a "manifestation of chauvinism" and all men are just "chauvinistic male pig
    s" >:[ well? Where is the video for us? Where is the all-known EQUALITY?

  38. pisut nirodsil

    domestic violence in Thailand
    On International Women’s Day please stop this daily fight together and forever.

  39. Hey pssst. To all the guys here crying about a lack of International Men's Day, there is one. It's November 19th. Please let women have March 8th. It's one day. Go celebrate your own on November 19th. Throw some confetti. Have a mustache party. Sing a manly sea shanty. These days are supposed to be for celebration and awareness. Stop being angry, and go celebrate! Have some fun.


    You are the new rebirth in my
    tender life as always brought to my soul the sight to see love; you are my
    today and my night to dream. It made me feel that you love what is new in me,
    and I know that at a distance, my heart is in you.
    When he sees you, he asks me
    about the image of the beauty of love that you offer with the naked eye and it
    comes to my mind if I would like to know what you hide only the creator of
    heaven knows about your life in joy and sadness in the end.
    A while ago, I told you to see
    your life, now, after many suns and moons of yesterday it was I heard from you
    The beauty of desire is not
    outside, but in what you offer in your inner feeling to give true love.
    Beauty of love, there is no doubt
    that there is only a mature silence and I see a smile on your face, but there
    is still a silence in you.
    I remember that your talk was
    never much, but now you start asking me what I want from you.
    I would like to feel freshness
    and there is no doubt in me for you.
    You know my feelings and offer
    much that you received from me.
    I know you ask me in silence is
    Does your outward beauty transcend vanity, what does your heart give me? What
    will your answer be for me?
    Returning to our yesterday that
    once was interrupted as my departure from your rejection by not honoring my
    love offered will make you see that a love is sincere and faithful when the
    outer beauty has gone down and the will remains intact.
    You know who I am and what is in
    I cannot hide what is in me for
    you, my beauty of love is true and unique called love.
    BY JOHN BANNICK Copyright © 2020

  41. Anders Kjær

    More power to women means less power to men.

  42. It would be great if videos like these had an idiot comment filter. So I don't have to read the opinions of people with zero knowledge, compassion or common sense.

    On another note – Amazing video and a fight worth fighting for!

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