International Women's Day – Russian style

In Russia, International Women’s Day is a national holiday and a true celebration of women of all ages, replete with flowers, sweets and festive gatherings, CBC’s Susan Ormiston reports from Moscow. To read more:

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  1. Lord Clancharlie

    Lucky Russians, they still have valuable women

  2. Like domestic violence, gender disparity, and pay disparity isn’t high in Canada and US? Please provide information objectively.

  3. Fulgrim That guy

    What day is my birthday

  4. Mohammed Zaman

    Did i see correctly…a sign for 50p ? In russia ??

  5. For some reason they only sell 11 or 13 roses…not..a dozen

  6. Walden Smith

    I commend Pres Putin for honouring the women in Russia .it's unfortunate with ocasio and Omar in America with their attacks on issues with ideology are coming under mass condemnation and could be seen as leaving a dark cloud over women in America. Women are gifts from God to humanity to play a special role.

  7. When will be international men's day.

  8. Karl Barbaris

    Это же Рижский цветочный рынок в Москве, да?

  9. Valdi Micolchik

    Again Westerners 👹proven how fools they are 🐒! First Woman in space USSR 🎈 did not send in 1950 ? Some years later , figure out and be more precise !

  10. zombieseezombiedo

    Cute how snide and cynical Canadian reporting is.

    Its a national holiday.

  11. Classic Canadian woman journalism "we're oppressed as women everywhere by the Patriarchy! Even in Russia where I know for a FACT 100% of women are ALL oppressed" Bollox! You're words of "REAL statics? Your REAL stats are REALLY questionable!
    1:41 It wasn't even 1950 love it as 63! Typical Feminist re writing history if the narrative don't fit!

  12. 1:43! Ha! 1963 Love not 1950! Check your sources!

  13. Алекс К

    а как в Канаде поздравляли женщин ?????

  14. stop lies !

  15. UnderRottingSky

    Russian women turn into Russian men by nature!

  16. As a Christian Canadian woman I have no been verbally assaulted as much since Trudeau has been PM. Go figure!

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