Investment Firms & Kim Kardashian Love Bitcoin – BTC & Crypto News

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency news – Kim Kardashian puts Bitcoin in the spotlight, investment firms are making a killing investing into crypto, Bitcoin ETF saga continues, and adoption news.



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  1. Pierre Jean Jouve

    Thank you Lark

  2. Please do not put your Butt in the internet hahahahahah!

  3. Everyone! Share Lark's butt pic and make it go viral!! 😂

  4. Alien Hunter

    WTF? Dude, it seems that butt pic F***ed up my brain.

  5. Alien Hunter

    Guys, if you don’t have time to research what’s new in crypto, just subscribe to crypto lark. It is all you need.

  6. With Bitcoin and Kim… this’ll go a long way… Long live the Blockchain!

  7. Rabie Alkamouchi

    Wat whil heppen whit altcoin? I m ol in zcash no bitcoin

  8. Sammyul Haque

    T H I C C C

  9. Mr Lark why am i waking up most mornings with a feeling someone was kicking me in my man bits OUCH. All this red again i don't get it – love this space but Crypto Land please be nice to old people.
    Please people leave your money in go take a break let this place settle down & it will reward & look after YOU. Keep pulling cash out every time ya make $5 you will never make money in any market.
    From the DogHouse & wise old dog ( so mum said ) she's 80 and not with-it i know but i take what i can get.

  10. coinhawk crypto

    damn Kim K will drive the price down… like she has done to all her men…lol

  11. MrHarrilasagna

    Painful HODL indeed. Good thing they're professional investors. I hear you but… Why does it have to be her and a physical bitcoin at that. oy vey! lol…

  12. Thank you for your video. What do you think about perspective ico projects? I think the best ico of this year is

  13. Lark, keep your butt and see the response.. I like it. Hahaha

  14. I kept watching your news and decided today you are my favorite source, putting Crypt0, Boxmining and Crypto Daily to the second place.

  15. KilSkillz Sauce

    Boo that butt lol

  16. Hey guys,
    I would like to know more about MoneroV.
    Can someone review this and explain me the difference?
    Thank you

  17. She’s late in the game along with smashing her was into mi system. But as they say, “ sex cells”. I’m glade I put some coins in her piggy bank. Lmao .

  18. She’s late in the game along with smashing her was into mi system. But as they say, “ sex cells”. I’m glade I put some coins in her piggy bank. Lmao .

  19. 5-Sided-Square

    My eyes are burning 🙂

  20. Me thinks Bitcoin down to $7600 then up to $9k in September. Not finance advice just stuck a needle in my eye then thru a dart & landed on 9 double = 9th Sept

  21. ButtCoin to the moon 🚀? Ha

  22. Lol 😂

  23. That was not your butt was it? 😛

  24. Lark what do you think alts can follow up bitcoin ?

  25. Hope the Kardashian curse doesn't mess things up here lol… selling!! Lol 🤣🤣

  26. Crypto Conversations


  27. Strictly Cannabis

    Long live the blockchain <3

  28. I've smashed the like for your butt today Lark not for the content!!! Haha…

  29. mine btc with your cpu/gpu without any further knowledge! the app does it for you! i love honeyminer!

  30. Splendid video, as usual. 😊 I would be really interested to hear what you think about token velocity.

  31. advertising for bitcoin is a good thing from famous people

  32. Would like to see Kim Kardashian wear a tight dress with 2 big bitcoin designs on both buttcheeks, would be great marketing 'without a doubt'

  33. dude delete that butt photo lol great video

  34. Dude you awesome… love from South Africa

  35. Kim K has no but. Her but is sagging like a pamper 😂

  36. Has coinpuffs gotten any better? I have found it so slow and glitchy, coin market cap has its manipulation, is there not a better one to use?
    Great video Lark!

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