IOTA – Cardano – Ethereum? 2018 Blockchain and Tangle Ledger Updates

Over the recent weeks we have seen Cardano and IOTA surge in price as Ethereum has slowed down its run, making room for some new high cap projects. In this video we review the IOTA project and Cardano projects possible price action moving into 2018.

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  3. Thank you! I asked for comparison videos and you guys delivered. More please, x

  4. David Shiedelbaum

    TRON just went total Cardano/Ripple like…

  5. IOTA is so innovative man wow…

  6. Mohd Sukor Mohd Razaly

    the faster market capital up from 0 to 12 bilion
    for just 80 day!!!!!!!!

    yes this is ADA

    bitcoin need 6 year
    Erthereum need 2 year

    more focus bitcoin price?
    more focus your profit going up.???

    smart new trader not buy bitcoin

    smart new trader buy more quantity token


    to get more quantity token
    target hold 1 year
    target profit is unlimated

  7. Naveen teja J N V

    You forgot the main disruptive player EOS! 1M TPS!

  8. Jeff Knowlton

    Too many conclusions being reached without proper arguments.

  9. Cryptocolumn

    IOTA and Cardano are going to get bigger in 2018.

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  11. Miguel Cores

    Love you men

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  13. IOTA will always be free because there are no miners. Big companies already using your data without paying you anything (IOTA is making it easy to make money by selling data and make the world better place, do more research). IOTA is still cheap ( look at the tech and its MC) .

  14. Puzzel Theory 1

    Nice video, i think the same, take a look my video All abaut IOTA he will be 100$

  15. Bl0ck Chain3D

    Cardano moving on up!

  16. Michael Bright

    great coin listed on Binance ! if you dont have an account already please use my referral to sign up please !

  17. ADA ist the ultra coin

  18. Hey mate, thanks for the video. Have you looked at Modum? It's currently mooning and honestly one of the most undervalued cryptos in the space. Real world applicability with big pharma!

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  20. Cardano will be king.

  21. Vincent Tran

    you mention microsoft signing with iota, they just release an article today saying they only participated. What are your thoughts?

  22. Sun Rise Warrior

    I'm really new to crypto currency.. so like if I invest say 20 bucks on iota, keep and hold the coins long enough, even if there is a dip, will I gain a profit? and also is crypto currency almost like stocks

  23. Jesse Bolado

    Jeff, I have been involved since May this year. I have watched and followed many channels. I came across your channel about a week ago. You are my favorite. Love your practical approach and truly value all your content. Please keep it coming and please keep being yourself. I see 100k subscribers in the near future. I plug your channel all the time. Thanks man!

  24. EOS blows Cardano out of the water. IOTA is the single most valuable Crypto on the planet. In 2-3 years, people will be kicking themselves for not buying IOTA on the cheap.

  25. patrick cole

    IOTA wont last next year

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