Hey Altcoin Daily Team,
Today I wanna share with you all the reasons why I think Binance Coin is a good long-term investment. I like Binance Coin. I like Binance Exchange. I like Binance’s CEO, ChangPeng Zhao. I think he is a real winner.
Also, I wanted you guys to get this on you radar since Binance’s scheduled coin burn is coming up within this week.
Let’s get into it.

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**Not advice. Just opinion. Make your own decisions.

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  1. Lauren Daniel

    With such an unpredictable market, triangular trades gave me a minimum of 1% profit per day.

  2. Brother Geoffee

    Even I have some XRP, TRX & EOS tokens, I'm going to purchase a BNB for the long-term run! 😀 Great Video!

  3. Great review! That's why a lot of people like this project because of the platform. Thank you for reminding us to review of what we want to know and be knowledgeable to everything. I hope this time my investment will be pump. Good luck! 🙂

  4. Great movie. Binance offers now 50% discount and 40% referral program:

  5. MORE USER FRIENDLY????? it's already too much friendly. People should fucking start learning new things, not force things to be more stupid.

  6. The Effin dip

    Blockport looks user friendly the open beta is coming soon

  7. Senior and sometimes junior

    there is something wrong with binance i traded btc to usdt and when i wanted to trade back i could not it said no trades available
    i had to transfer the usdt to bittrex to change it to btc,but that said i like binance alot it is by far the best exchange

  8. Will Beecher

    Binance is great, no question, but does that make their coin great is the other question?

  9. Will Beecher

    Coin burn was supposed to be 100,000,000 and it was only 2,000,000 . If it was 100,000,000 it would have doubled.

  10. Jean Combeau

    great video. thanks. gave it a like.

  11. Great video thank you

  12. This is dumb as shit. Theres the date at the bottom of the chart when you were looking for Jan 15th. And that math of $1200? lol

  13. for a reliable job then text (1)8156946239 new and hot hit up for fresh Btc Wallet top ups….. enjoy and experience a new life now.? i just made lots of money then thought of sharing this..

  14. Crypto Revolt

    Last coin burn was about 960 000 coins or about half percent of coins. The coin went to $22 in a BULL market….it may get to $50 if there is another bull market and the volume /profits on Binance continue to grow. Burning is good, Binance business model is good, the proposed DEX is good but it has no chance of 1.5x in this market let alone 4 or 5x.

  15. Smooth Operator

    Bro, what's your opinion on Wax token? I can't stop thinking about it ever since it came out sometime around January. I think it has absolutely everything to succeed. Experienced team, lots of partnerships, great marketing, it works in a HUGE industry and to make this thing even better it has a first mover advantage. Mike Novogratz invested a lot of money into this.

  16. great content good job

  17. Great video!! You have great info! And that Seal Network review was awesome…

  18. Greatly Appreciated!!! I enjoyed your thoughts as I want to invest in Binance

  19. Great video been thinking about getting a position on bnb but I’m still new to crypto . Not sure when buying bitcoin and trading it to bnb if I lose satoshis . Any advice ?

  20. Crypto DonFepe

    I would dare say now is a great entry point BNB

  21. Crypto Lubic

    I just got into the Binance Exchange 3 weeks ago…actually any cyrptocurrencies just 2 1/2 months ago
    I'm still learning daily about any and all of this stuff
    But I found you can download a Desktop App to your Laptop/computer whereas you don't even have to go on Google to see a much better picture of what's goin on…
    To me that's an added Security Feature all on it's own…Piss on Google…they know too much as it is
    BTW…You can split the screen to watch 4 coins at the same time
    And their Phone App is cutting edge techology

  22. I’ve wondered about this question for a while. Thx for making a video.

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