IT'S HAPPENING!!! Fourth Stimulus Check Update Today 2021

IT’S HAPPENING!!! Fourth Stimulus Check Update Today 2021

Fourth Stimulus Check Update Today 2021 and Daily News Update. The Third Stimulus Check has officially been PASSED and the Fourth Stimulus Check Update Package has already been announced too as well as upcoming $10,000 or more of Student Loan Forgiveness 2021 and Student Debt Forgiveness, $200 per month Social Security Raise, $25,000 home buyer credit, mortgage and rent assistance, utility and property tax assistance, $10,200 unemployment tax refund and more coming.


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  2. Finally

  3. Nothing in july

  4. Cindy Clemons

    I was wondering if we get our fourth stimulus check becousewe deserved it as of now becouse. Of the pandemic and covid-19

  5. Snow and Rain here I come.

  6. Charlie Johnson

    Marianne Gordon do crap they get off the butt that's like La late he gets on there and he's running the same thing over and over everyday they ain't nothing you if you going to give us something give it to us he ain't quit getting up there telling them Oh Come People bunch of bullcrap lies


    Come on and send them out to the ssi people. We need this to pay bills and rent

  8. O This is nothing but a bunch of BS* LIE'S.. !!!!!!

  9. Brenda Croft

    Here we goooooo !!! Talking about there checks !!! Who knows !! Its so sad the gov like that .!! ( sad )

  10. Josiah Hiatt

    We got the sorriest president ever

  11. Josiah Hiatt

    I don't see how Joe Budden or Nancy Pelosi or any of them ain't done got killed

  12. Edmond Bollok

    Give the people the money please 😎🤗

  13. Let's get 2 printing some $2000 paper
    I'm put a super cam with 50 weight oil on this paper making printing press so it can burn

  14. Ernesto Legarte

    send money to the american people not to foreign countries killing our servicemen…

  15. MY Lois Jane Lee

    STIMULUS PAYMENTS # 004a (2,000 Monthly):

    THANKS very much for our US Presidential Team (Biden & Harris), Approving and Signing Covid-19 Relief, Fourth Stimulus Payments Amounts of: $2,000 Monthly, which I have NOT Received to-date on 07/28/2021.

    These Stimulus Payments have been ANNOUNCED Repeatedly with Videos, on The Internet, for many, many months. I have Received my 1st Stimulus Payment Amount of $1,200 on 04/29/2020, a 2nd Stimulus Payment, $600 on 01/04/2021 (8½ months later), and 3rd Stimulus Payment ($1,400), on 03/17/2021. Thanks very much!

    Please Process my 4th Stimulus Payment Amount of $2,000 IMMEDIATELY, because I need the FUNDS to Pay for my July 2021 Cost of Living Expenses [Tithes & Offerings, Housing, Storages, Garages, Rents & Renter’s Insurance); GAP Insurance, Home Security Alarm Systems, Bank related Expenses (Safety Deposit Boxes & Fees), Transportation (Car Payment, Insurances, Registration, Maintenance & Gasoline); Food & Drinks, Clothing, Health Insurances (Vision, Dental, Medications, etc ..), Family Members & Friends (Birthdays & Holidays), Gym (Annual Fee & Membership), Donations & Charities, Savings for Children (Relatives), Emergency Funds, Credit Cards Annual Fees, Presidential Contributions, etc … , and my Deceased Mother‘s Expenses]. My Mother DIED on 05/08/2020, at her Chinese Age of 97.

    In ADDITION, EACH STIMULUS PAYMENT which has been DISTRIBUTED by The US TREASURY DEPARTMENT needs to be AUDITED by The INTERNAL AUDIT DEPARTMENT of The US TREASURY DEPARTMENT, to DETECT THEFT, FRAUD & PERSONAL IDENTITY THEFT of STIMULUS PAYMENTS. Our USA Presidents Joe Biden & Donald Trump have Approved and Signed, at The Oval Office, many TRILLIONS of USA Dollars of STIMULUS PAYMENTS to USA Citizens, since 12/2019. We need to have an ACCOUNTABILITY as to WHO have been Receiving the Stimulus Payments.

    If you have any Concern, Question, or Problem, please CONTACT me IMMEDIATELY.


    Miss Lois Jane Teresa Lee,

    Former Employee of The US Treasury Department;

    Government Services (G.S.) Level 13 – (1990-1991):

    Financial Services Department (FMS – Electronic Certification System), and

    The Internal Revenue Services (IRS – Senior Technical Staff)

    Phone: (740) 322-3601

    Email Address: [email protected], OR [email protected]

    Mailing Address: P O Box 105, Newark, OH. 43058-0105, USA.

    Date: 07/28/2021 @ 01:45 am (EST, USA).

  16. HACKERMARK103 is the only person on instagram who can help you to get your stimulus check or any kind of refund either it’s in pending or not paying

  17. Marsha Hicks

    They the DEMOCRATES really don't care. They in, and get all they needed.. POWER AND CONTROL OVER US ALL

  18. Marsha Hicks

    So did the American people vote them in to get their pie crust promises together.. So why we got to go threw this BEGGING Him and that WEIRDO Kamala to keep THEIR PROMISES.

  19. Some of us did not get second an third stimulus check yet we're is it ur sending them out but hardly some of us did not get second an third stimulus check yet help solve the problem alot of us are struggling now ok please do something about it thank you

  20. Michael Spurling

    On average American works make $5,000 per month and pay an average of 20% in taxes from income alone. The estimated revenue from income taxes per year alone is around $679 billion. On average these workers spend $11 per member of their households per day and spend an average of 9% in sales tax. The revenue generated from sales tax is around $129 billion annually. So, I think to myself "where in the world would they be able to come up with a stimulus for struggling Americans when they bring in such a minuscule amount of money?"

  21. Arnessia Misco

    We feel let down and depressed good job helping the kids

  22. He'll, at 61 I'll settle for a 1000 a month if they'll get off their collective asses and realize we seniors are starving just like all the children!

  23. Michele Bowers

    Sick of same old B.S…

  24. Lynnell Herbert Blessed

    That's all good but when will they be deposit into our accounts

  25. So when will the stimulus check be deposited in bank accounts

  26. Rosemarie Esposito

    Way to go G, loving this update 👍keep em coming, ty💖

  27. I'll believe it when it is in my bank account!

  28. Virginia Campos

    Ok if it coming what can we really do thanks

  29. Arnessia Misco

    All disable people decided to get the vaccine January 2022 we are not lab rats

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