It’s Over! Russia Warns! The Dollar, Jobs and Crypto Collapse (Thanks Elon)

ECONOMY CRASHING (The Dollar, Jobs, Crypto) Russia Just said that it’ll remove dollar assets from its wealth fund. Labor shortage hits epic levels: a record 48% of businesses can’t fill job openings. Look at what Elon Musk just tweeted!

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DISCLAIMER: Everything I say is for entertainment purposes. Do not take ANYTHING I say as financial advice, I am not a financial advisor, I am just a clown with a youtube channel. The stock market is too risky for anyone to enter. The mere fact that 90% of people lose money in the stock market should be your warning to stay away from it.


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  1. Hundred Spins


  2. Muhammad Imran

    Coming coming crash one year go crash not coming . I have big game .crash coming 1000%.after bedin 50 year market not up . Pòor man looking big money .

  3. claire rogowski

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  4. william wilson

    you didn't see this in mainstream media either because they're censoring look at this it's the truth in my opinion.

  5. You the man johnny! Call you action man

  6. Brett Walton

    Yes an they cried wolf when it rolled over to 2000 also i dont believe it will happen

  7. In few years or so, people will definitely be kicking themselves in regrets for missing the opportunity to buy and invest in cryptocurrency.

  8. yeah…i hope UBI is next…. why would i wanna work? … no need to pay rent? free housing? …. i hope they extend all these policies till 2065… so i can get my medi cal and medicare and social security… so I dont hv to work for the rest of my life…. please print more money… i need those fun coupons to buy more AMC, GME, Bitcoin, Safemoon etc ….. 👍

  9. The End is Near, said the boy who cried wolf many times before

  10. So this is how the end begins. The rest of the world turns on the US dollar.

  11. Change Reception

    If past performance is an indicator of what happens when people or nations ditch the dollar then we can expect trade embargoes or war…

  12. Samuel Tyler


  13. This Worldly chaos is nothing new. The Bible speaks of this. It's all about to usher in the one who will rule the world – The AntiChrist. This push to a New World Order and this Reset into a one world currency should tell you how close we are toward this outcome.

    With currency going digital and the elimination of currency and coinage will make the perfect control of the monetary system. The mark of the beast system is being formed right before our eyes. Imagine, if you refuse their system, you will loose all your wealth. If you get the mark and participate in the system you surrender your soul to the AntiChrist.

    I would recommend reading The Bible's book of Revelation to see for yourself!

  14. Pined by J Bravo

    Thanks for watching and comments, I’m always available for questions, guidance and support anytime. Just inbox👇
    + 1-8-1-8-9-2-5-6-2-3-7 @ WHATSAPP

  15. Patricio Rojas

    "No mas "TRABAJO" is the correct way Bravo! If u want to say "TRABAJAR" , U must say "NO QUIEREN" before, as in: "No quieren trabajar". Gracias, ur welcome!

  16. I think we are misinterpreting Elons tweet. I think what he is trying to say is one of the following interpretations. 1. that he has a wank before he launches one of his rockets. 2. He is trying to tell us what he uses as rocket fuel in his rockets to send them to the moon or option 3, he's admitting that he's a wanker.

  17. Anthony Attard

    Elon is a plant.

  18. Literally every video has said it’s the end for months… and here we are back at all-time highs and the markets are still kicking. Bravo’s a joke.

  19. Liquid Peace

    How are the waves in Texas?

  20. Richard Vasquez

    Have the labor force stop saying I’m a liability and take me off ssdi and I will definitely take 3 guy’s jobs as my own. Experience is key.

  21. Shahin Gransar

    Send a link to the video you mentioned with 700 views. Thank you.

  22. Lobster King


  23. Thomas George

    It's all part of the Globalist reset programme.

  24. Thomas George

    Can someone quickly come up with the 666 mark of the beast cryptocoin. Might be the No.1 coin

  25. It's part of a much Bigger picture.
    BRICS- Dicuppling of the US dollar- Transition to (XRP Bridge Currency of the world and just the beginning. Follow the money and all the bank connections. World Economic Forum
    CBDC's will come into play. Media and Of course the Elites don't want you to know about Ripples XRP. Which is connected to all top major Banks. Nothing moves with out JP Morgan. Wells Fargo, Citi Group, Visa, Mastercard, Bank of International settlements, Look up Ripples partners? Follow the Yellow Brick Road. XRP will Bridge All the money in some way or another. Floyd Mayweather said it best, there will be another crypto bigger than bitcoin. Internet of value, a Level Playing Field=XRP.
    4th Industrial Revolution.
    Swift baking system is obsolete.
    Harry S. Dent said it best, XRP is the ultimate Coin.!

  26. Victorious Gavi

    I’m a new watcher—your too cryptic. Not sure what you’re getting at. Just sayin

  27. Rudyard Loris

    Wow this video is really awesome
    Most interesting thing is that bitcoin represents legion of adventures and entrepreneur most especially risk taking, investors and problems solver

  28. Rina's Review

    There were people who already didn't have much before the pandemic and were working full time + and they still weren't making enough. And then those who making decent money are deciding they don't want to work themselves into a depression from toxicity that is involved in work places. The underprivileged and overworked are waking up and having more respect for themselves. More power to them! Americans want to live.

  29. Jordan Munro

    How dare you disparage my purpose…

  30. This is so confusing to a newbie like me, I’m just gonna keep watching these videos over and over and over and hopefully one day I’ll get it

  31. He wants to sell electric cars . Who will be able to afford them wen everything goes bust. Even he will go bust

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