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Jamtara has been the centre for credit card scams in India. In just 2019, 107 phishing scammers were arrested from Jamtara for stealing from unsuspecting victims.
Here’s the fascinating (true!) story of the brewing cyber crime from the people of Jamtara themselves.

Catch the con artists pulling-off phishing scams in the crime-thriller Jamtara, now streaming on Netflix.

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  1. India is full of talent.
    But some people don't want to work hard to earn the bread.
    But invented another way for making money.
    It's totally wrong.
    Government should bust these type of people's gang and punish then as hard as possible.

  2. Just imagine: gang members are watching and saying- "dekh,esa kaam kr gye ki video ban rh…kya kaam kiye h hum…"

    Is this actually a story to promote? Is it actually an awareness circulation? Is it??

  3. Bhailog
    Ham karmatar , jamtara sa ha
    Hamara gram ka name pora badnam ho gaya 😭😭

  4. My mom is illiterate, and this happened to her – She was smart and said just talk to my son – and ofcourse when phone comes into my hand – scam ends there. Unfortunately my father is a well educated engineer (and that also studied in IIT) – he ended up handling his credit card information and 25000 rupees got stolen. Don't know what prevented more amount from being stolen – but ….. this is funny. My illiterate mom was smart enough to evade the scam and my fully educated father fell for it xD

  5. Muje samaj nhi aata kisi ko bank details ya card pin batane se ye log paise kaise chura lete hai kyoki ATM card to apne pass hi rahta hai

  6. Inn choro ko pakdo aur inn ko umar kaid ki saza do.. sath hi me inke ghar aur sara saman jala do.. inko pachtawa hona chahiye aur aesa kisi aur ne nahi karna chahiye..

  7. A recent Jim Browning video mentions that many scammers were inspired to scam foreigners by this documentary during this lockdown

  8. Are yr km se km idea to mt diya kro 😑😑
    Isse jitne sudhrenge nhi utne influence ho jyenge 😑

  9. I should try & get Netflix passwords by this method. 🤩 Aapka Netflix account na! Ban hone wala hai! 😂

  10. Whatever the do, but bank employees are also involved somehow. You cannot have tea without tea leaves.