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  1. I read this comment right before the video started, and LMAO as soon as I heard sound.

  2. Any updates to what is and isn't working for this build? The main forum for this isn't giving a running list yet.

  3. On any of the builds have people been able to use the official stores to buy apps ? I don't see the point of doing all this if you have no apps.

  4. This kinda looks just like my tablet running CM9. Seems like a lot of things aren't working in CM10… no point in upgrading to lose functionality lol. Hopefully they'll get these things working… plus the camera and mic (doesn't work on CM9)…

  5. Google Now doesnt work on this build, However I do think there is a tweak that can install it on the build.

  6. Haha it was an error in final cut pro. Hopefully will be fixed in future videos 🙂

  7. Yeh everything works fine to do with the Play store in the CM10 Rom, which is unusual because every other rom i've tried, when entering google play it comes up with server error. So this is the only reason i am actually using the CM10 build, because its the only rom i can download apps.

  8. Thanks, well i had my hands on an S3 a few days a go but i didn't manage to do a review on it. However if i do get a chance, i will for sure get down and do a review on the S3.

  9. great video guys.. how about a review on the samsung galaxy s3 with the jelly bean on it?

  10. Its a sound effect from Final Cut Pro, lots of people use it and Thanks mate.

  11. Isn't the music at the end, the music that QBKing77 uses in all his videos? Liked the review by the way.

  12. Drag up for Google Now. That is one of the main features many are looking for in 4.1.1. Not seem to be working for me.

  13. The "Google" at the top of the lock screen takes you to Google Now.