Julian Assange Satoshi Connection & Wikileaks Bitcoin & Crypto Pioneer

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Julian Assange facing extradition to the US. In this video I unpack the charges against him, the Satoshi connection, Wikileaks as a crypto pioneer, and more.

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  2. wikileaks and the blockchain are both databases. feels like the same author.

  3. SHA-256, NSA created. NSA. (N)akamoto (SA)toshi. Save you 20 mins. Assange is suspect, so is Snowden. All movements are infiltrated from inception. Bitcoin is a trap.

  4. I would say like Spacey did before:
    "Rochelle…"! Shouldn`t we find out the truth by
    "Water-Bording"…Guilty?…or "Me-Too"?…The total
    unconvenient truth of everything about US-justice…it`s like Clapper said…
    "but not willingly"! There are at least two more completely different
    trials with the same level of borderlining craziness waiting for the same
    spirit of justice…Donald Trump`s Russia Gate and the nineteen russian witches
    with their carpet knives manipulating US-elections…and Julian Assange, alias
    "rapist, but not a hero"…What the hell is going on in this country?
    In God we trust…!

  5. "Craig is only suing relatively powerless Twitter users"

    As far as I know Craig is also suing Vitalik and Adam Back.

  6. Great to see you speaking out in defence of Julian Assange and freedom of the press amid the deafening silence from other so-called journalists in New Zealand and around the "free" world. We need more brave and principled people like you prepared to show their true colours in the name of humanity and social justice.

  7. We are so grateful to have the Cryptolark expose THE MUCH LARGER AND MORE IMPORTANT PICTURE. I look forward to seeing your Channel grow. This type of news deserves it. 🌞

  8. Love it how u speak the truth boldly brother!!
    Big ups!!
    Keep these excellent vids rolling out 😉 🙂

  9. the UK and now Ecuador are USA's bitches.
    That's a very interesting point. Although, you might get Assange's mom's house broken into lol. People will start looking for Satoshi's private keys.

  10. Geez you have a way with words! I listened to this the other day while driving and have been thinking about various aspects of it since then. Just had to come back and comment my thanks for one of my favourite vids of the year so far. 🙂

  11. is because of he do not steal, the acusation and persecution is about conspirecy of… if th eimplications is expionase… is facing life in prison. And if the extradition happens unfortunaly is what ill happen, they ill ansurance even for some reson the Assange get free the years and money he spend in that law suit ill be enought to silence new bravata from some one else. that is a shame that ppl from USA dont realise they are living in dictatorial social contry.

  12. people we make it so hard for ourselves it is simple as this keep them in your prayers pray for our enemies that is it understand this the power of Prayer conquers all

  13. Careful bro, don't get yourself sued. The guy may not be Satoshi, but he's got enough money to be a pain in the backside.

  14. What happens if satoshis wallets begin donating to defend julian the think the world would light on fire.

  15. I thought it was a long shot, but the info you shared now makes me really think that Assange may be the guy, or one of the guys. I think you should do a follow-up focusing on the favts, eg fates and other connections, with less of the ideological bits, although they are relevant too. Thanks!

  16. Cryto currency REMAINS equally mysterious as the The Federal Reserve's Jerkyll Island meeting was in 1913 !!!

    !!! Chances ARE we might be heading for an equally corrupted monetary system …

  17. Really, really, really good stuff Lark. Thanks for having a massive set of balls to call this bullshit out.

  18. Hey man. Best vid I've seen In my opinion bro. It's great getting back to the REAL cause of why we're are here. Thanks brotha!!! You just came up in my world! Cheers.

  19. HIS NAME WAS SETH RICH! It's strange how you can see the leftist communist agenda, EXCEPT the one, where they discuss in these very same emails, punishing certain nations with hoards of immigrants. Think of them as gentle gifts from Hillary Clinton, in which every death is a blessing that can't be spoken out against because of political correctness…..and…..racism. Thumbs up on the vid Lark.

  20. There is so much prove that the govement and the banks are the big gangster and still people don't see it !!! protect Julian Assange therefore I to will stand up with you. Thanks for that Lark !!

  21. Anything goes world we live in .These people ,prosecutors ,the system is controlled ,they change the rules .make lies stick .I hope Julian well.I will donate which i am still to do .
    Such a smart intelligent guy .He could be Satoshi…he could be …hmm
    I hope this is not too far off topic,but this story i came upon last year sums up justice and its failures .The prosecutor knew it was likely this man was innocent but convicted him and sent him to death row.Amazingly he was exonerated after 30 years and got to meet the prosecutor before his death,face to face…real sad story..I hope Julian doesn't end up this way..


  22. well done for you lak for bringing up the topic and truth unground story and problems we all face with this

  23. Good video. Tipped you 5 BAT. Good to see you are verified to get BAT through Brave browser. Keep up the great work.

  24. Craig S Wright, Assange and Kleiman are clearly Satoshi. Assage wasn't arrested he was extracted. Assange appears to be some sort of trained and compromised security asset. The ego is very good at turning highly secretive plans into farcical theatre. Satoshi/Bitcoin was created by people. Human beings. These three seem to be the creators. This whole thing and the commentators 'shrieking' gives Craig MORE credibility. One has zero skin in the bitcoin game. The blockchain/hashcash is very cool, but the secret is out. Craig obviously has enough evidence to bring to a UK court. Let's see what the UK court says and no doubt history will associate Dr Craig S Wright as the inventor and author as Assange is toast and Kleiman is dead. The Hollywood movie is already in the can………… or encrypted SSD thingy. Enough shrieking, let's see what CSW has to say in court.

  25. IMHO you are spot on mate. Thanks for being willing to put this contrarian perspective (aka the truth) out there and articulating it very well.
    Sorry but neither Craig Wright or Julian are Satoshi – because I am! Honest. Don’t disagree or I’ll sue you 🤷‍♂️

  26. If this was rape then that means these women would be aggrieved so why didn't they oppose or at least fake some sort of outrage when charges dropped.

    Think they have wrung as much as they can about this.