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There was a big announcement today on the next stimulus package out of the Senate parliamentarian. As we know, Congress is currently working on the next stimulus package, working their way through the negotiation process, the Senate parliamentarian ruled that Chuck Schumer the leader of the Democratic Party in the Senate, is only allowed to use one more budget reconciliation this year. This means, he cannot pass the two stimulus packages on the table right now with budget reconciliation, but rather must pass both of them as one. This changes things quite a bit as they wanted to use multiple different budget reconciliation cards to pass the next stimulus package. We will continue watching everything very closely to keep you updated with the next stimulus package, infrastructure package, American jobs plan, American families plan, stimulus checks, monthly stimulus checks, recurring stimulus checks, and any additional information regarding Medicare reform, Social Security reform, and all of the other proposals on the table at this moment. There’s a lot going on right now regarding Stimulus as we will continue to keep you updated. This video pertains to everybody including those people receiving Social Security, SSDI, SSI, VA, RRB, low income, no income and everybody else.
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  1. There giving money to people with dependents once a month starting July 15th, What about us that have no dependents , an are on SS an SSI????? We need help too! Everything is going up in price an it's making it hard on us!

  2. No I only got the $600 and the $1,200 im still waiting on the next one . I really need that $200 increase in my SSI