In today’s third stimulus check and third stimulus package and unemployment benefits boost extension lwa pua peuc fpuc ssi fed-ed eb update, we’ll be exploring the current status of the 3rd stimulus check and 3rd stimulus package, including its many programs from the unemployment benefits extension lwa program to the sba, ppp, eidl, money for small businesses, and other various stimulus bills and stimulus proposals. We’ll be talking about what to expect next week, the current status of stimulus checks and stimulus package negotiations, my personal thoughts, and the state of our country, with the coming end of the pua, peuc, eb, pandemic unemployment assistance, extended benefits, and several other government support programs, in order to approve and pass the next coming stimulus check, stimulus package, and unemployment benefits boost extension, and government funding for various relief programs to help save our country!!

Official parts of the next stimulus package’s draft have been released, slight changes have been made with unemployment, others with stimulus checks have been confirmed, as well as potential add-ons that may even come further, as the draft finalizes to gain approval, hopefully soon!!

Stay safe, wherever you are, whether in the US, California to NYC, or internationally outside the country, and may we hopefully recover soon from this health pandemic we’re all in right now together!!!

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💼 Part 1: Explaining the 20 Weeks Unemployment Extension FED-ED Program and How it Works: https://youtu.be/71pBRLINRxQ
💰 Part 2: Explaining How to Physically Qualify for the 20 Weeks Unemployment Extension FED-ED and EB Program: https://youtu.be/auMDvUjcCbc
🏡 Most Recent Update Episode for the New $300 Unemployment Boosts Program: https://youtu.be/n-ja2vqj1SQ
🗺️ Check Your State’s Unemployment Status Here: https://www.unemploymentpua.com/articles/fpuctracker.html
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  1. Kevin's Journal

    Happy Wednesday, the proposal as mentioned near the end that just released this morning, to basically fund and upgrade improving the unemployment systems, to hopefully speed up the process for the next round's official text is right here, semi-wordy, but if anyone is interested in reading, enjoy!! 😌📖🙌

  2. Great video! I wish they kept the $400 extra unemployment.

  3. Oliva Marmolejos

    Here in NYC still haven’t received anything since 2 months after mine stopped.

  4. My unemployment payment was decreased what can I do

  5. If I PUA balance runs out, will I continue to receive unemployment?

  6. Susan Goodban

    Your very informative and accurate.. Thank you

  7. Mona Katoula

    Hi my name is Mona I just have a question my husband he was working for my daughter to babysitting her two kids with my help of course and on a from September 2019 till March 2000 2020 so he earned from September 2019 to December 2019 $1920 it was $120 a week so I forgot to report it when I did my income tax in 2020 so and we collect PUA after she said I don’t need your services because she start working from home in March 2020 so he was working through March and then she doesn’t They needed documents so I just wanted to know what is the fresh halt for nanny to collect income to not be reported my income tax for 2019 is already been done I did not report form once he work for her this is a problem because they close my UPA case I cannot certified under the alert now they asking for documents like if he was working in 2019 which is I said yes and then they need a proof of offer letter and I just wanted to know what is the fresh halt not to claim the money he made from her and what is your advice to me please last time you send me an email if you can do it again I really do appreciate it I need your advice is to questions to answerThey want it stop checks and some kind of document which is I’m gonna just gonna write up a letter attach it when he start working for her and when he stopped he will he start in 2019 September he stepped in March 2020 I’m gonna explain the services he was providing for her what do you think and thank you appreciate it my email is MKATOULA [email protected]yahoo.com

  8. Marsha Hicks

    I think Pa should raise the minimum wages cause we have to get 2 to 3 jobs to make ends meet … And the employers work you so hard to the point where people and up Quitting cause they pay check don't meet the labor ethics. Help us Biden

  9. I haven't got anything from ui I've been filing since August 2020 what do I need to do

  10. Great job

  11. Miriam De Belen

    Awesome kevin the smartest! Happy valentine!is ks already giving fed help!

  12. Take all the other bs out raise m8n wage 20 hr and give every1 with under 500k 50000 dollars the economy will fix its self mf be broke again but years from now itll all be moving again no recession or depression

  13. Yea 20 balance the money 100000 jobs will be lost an1000000 made


    No one is getting it now . New Jersey is steeling it from the Certifiers

  15. April Dixon-Boyd

    Funny thing is I live in Missouri, got a $660 through unemployment on my unemployment debit card on Christmas Eve, and and haven’t gotten anymore money, I have been filing a claim faithfully atleast since the middle of October. haven’t seen any benefits on my card since that $660 stimulus check that hit my card. I even got a Determination of Entitlement letter February 4 2021 though the Missouri unemployment claim website with a $133 weekly benefit amount and Nada….. Missouri Sucks

  16. Biden promised 2000………

  17. Juan Beverly

    It amazing to meet trustworthy and reliable person like ʙᴀᴄᴋsᴏɴ𝟺𝟽 🔛 ɪɴsᴛᴀɢʀᴀᴍ I never thought it real for over 4 month my EDD got pending He help me out without delay I got paid successfully,

  18. Armando Torres-Marin

    Who can qualify the 400 ?

  19. Life With T.J.

    great videos bro

  20. Myra Rodriguez

    Hi Kevin, what if I start school? Will I stop receiving unemployment?

  21. Kjv Dj james

    This has be the reason why I will advice everyone who has the same problem with me to messages him 𝐁𝐚𝐜𝐤𝐬𝐨𝐧𝟒𝟕 🔛 𝐨𝐧 !𝐈𝐧𝐬𝐭𝐚𝐠𝐫𝐚𝐦 ,my name was on the EDD listed but my payments pending but he got it done for me and he filling my backdate and I got pay 3 month instantly,thanks t

  22. Hi Kevin Im from Connecticut and Im only recieving $300 on top of PEUC when will this $400 start

  23. Julio Cardenas

    In Texas I’m required to do 3 work searches a week or else they will deny my payment request. The thing is I’m am currently employed but with reduced hours 12 to 20 hours a week. TWC still expects me to look for work. Why?

  24. ghsGuitarStrings

    JOE BIDEN promised $600.00 a week in FPUC going forward and $600.00 a week in FPUC RETROACTIVE back to July 25th 2020.

  25. Corla Hasper


  26. shmantha anderson

    On the pua do you how to file taxes on it

  27. By Investing into bitcoin or buying bitcoin during a crash you are one step closer to be rich when bitcoin pumps back again so take the opportunity to invest now

  28. Smith Millar

    Do anyone need help getting an approval on sba loan or grant?

  29. So after the MID march unemployment is over…. theyre going to retroactive the january til march with extra $100? so11 payments of 100 (currently 300) THEN make it 400 boost from then til the end of august? wow just wow

  30. Bryan Gonzales

    You explain everything very clearly !!

  31. hey Kevin if my regular e d d run out i can apply P U A ?

  32. Heard about funeral relief: $7000./Covid, Reimbursement for families during this past year. Do you know anything about this, Kevin?

  33. Yes! Investing!

  34. Ira Weinstein

    Of course we should get a raise. Question is that do you know that Walmart and all these Home Depots and people are going to Congress to stop them the Wilson family all the picture huna's they should pay and raise it they're going to stop then they make billions a year billions and if you cannot afford $15 for somebody even if you're a small-business then go work for somebody else does paying you $15 an hour then you don't belong in business


  36. Walieddine Yassine

    my benefit year unemployment says it will expire by early march will I get the 400$/week unemployment boost if the stimulus package passes?

  37. Hi Kevin, thank you for your time and effort! Very appreciate!!!

  38. Jeanine Williamson

    Hi Kevin, what's going on with iwd unemployment peuc

  39. Jarred Zachariah

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  40. Thank you for your time and efforts

  41. So how long wait still

  42. Is Virginia getting out pua extension 2021 today I haven’t received any funds the last past 6 claims of January

  43. Love your show Kevin…great info great updates!!

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