Justice League Post Credit Scene LEAKED And Sets Up JL2 And The Batman Villains

Why Quantum Realm The Negative Zone AND Microverse Will Annihilus be Phase 4 Villain https://youtu.be/u9zTd4GIvZk Justice League Post Credit Scene LEAKED And Sets Up JL2 And The Batman Villains

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  1. Super HeroNexus

    Justice League Movie Deleted Scenes Including Flash And Iris West And Easter Eggs! https://youtu.be/cvyUdmEGqEA

  2. Ginger Fischer


  3. Abrasive Atom305

    Please post justice league after credit scenes thank you lul

  4. So 3 justice leagues? Darkseid hello

  5. { JUSTICE LEAGUE } He'll Yeah ! Awesome D.C. Keep it coming I enjoyed it immensely from beginning to end . Deathstroke in the house , Wooooooo to be the man you have to beat the man you better pack your breakfast lunch and dinner cuz it's going to take you awhile to beat Deathstroke, can you say LEGION OF DOOM or do you prefer THE INJUSTICE LEAGUE . Don't forget the New Gods Ω.

  6. Batman doesn't have a nemesis on the Injustice League.

  7. Victor Zsasz

  8. Just saw the movie last night. It was great. Don't listen to anybody that says it's bad, these are the same people that get their news from CNN and rolling stone Magazine's. Some of the brainwashed critics like Peter Travers and people like that are given this T-minus is a movie these are just brainwashed stupid pathetic people

  9. instantsurgery

    Can you talk normally, why do you have to enunciate so fucking much

  10. Deathstroke angle = Horrible!

  11. Probably Doctor Sivana.

  12. Jordan Sutton

    I’m almost positive he’s in Blackgate my dude.

  13. Can you give us the footage?

  14. kisbey drones and cars .

    I was expecting a free pizza and a toffee apple. Oh well this will do 😉

  15. WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT is up youtube thumbs down

  16. Most people click on your video wanting to see the footage. I don’t want to hear you fucking talk your voice is annoying!

  17. Tessa Taylor-BSB

    I only like Superman, Wonder Woman, and Justice League movies. Maybe Iron Man & Spider-Man. So, I am excited too.

  18. No video

  19. I'm glad you're not one of those clickbait asses. I can't stand when I watch a video that says "Entire Justice league script leaked" and it all bullshit! You my friend are legit! 👍

  20. William Takor M.A.

    If this is clickbait, I'll be reporting this video

  21. MrMack for the win

    His video is true folks…I heard and scene the end credits…but as he said they took it down

  22. Scott Thomas

    While Im happy to see this – especially LEX in this format – just why oh why have they waited TWO FKIN MOVIES to get Lex right?! Producers need to get their act together.

  23. Why no intro to Darkseid, why no intro for green lantern. Common DC how do you have justice league without the original 7

  24. Lawrence Kin

    It'll be JL vs Legion of Doom in the sequel..

  25. mysterious stranger

    injustice league? i thought lex's team is legion of doom

  26. Dank Starscream

    But the REAL question is…

    Is a LANTERN shown in this movie?!

  27. Romeo delos Santos

    Wala lng… Dunaldal lang para kumita…

  28. Raghu Seetharaman

    I think it's the classic "Speed Demons" storyline from the comics and The Superman The Animated Series episode "Speed Demons". This for the second post credit scene in my opinion.

  29. Danosauruscreck

    I can't believe how bad cyborg looks other than that this movie looks decent

  30. Christian Smith

    Saw the movie this past weekend. Part of Vets appreciation. Movie is epic. Soooo want to spoil it, but don't wanna be that guy. Great movie though!!!

  31. you're a moron

  32. Wouldn't it actually make more sense for Lex to be locked up in Metropolis at Stryker's Island

  33. Jonathan Castaneda

    Justice league 2 might have injustice as the villains. So there’s a possibility of a third movie and darkseid being the villIain I️ guess.

  34. Željko Cvetković

    Justice League is awesome. Trust me guys. I will tell you something. Lex Luthor said: shouldn't we have a league of our own.:)))

  35. 00:12 sound killed me before I got to watch Justice League

  36. Justice League vs Injustice League for JL 2 EPIC!!!

  37. Cary David Hoffson

    Lex Luther was cut out of the movie all together

  38. David Lonergan

    Is the god's return Darkseid?

  39. Jeremy JMIAH Williamson

    "DON'T BOTHER ASKING… but please drop a like!" LOL

  40. infernohellknight

    Lex is going to form the Legion Of Doom.

  41. Bryson Adams

    Oh you bet I’m gonna see the justice league both parts enough times to inspire the dceu writers to make a justice league part 3 and 4 but that’s getting ahead of things, I’m fucking waiting to see death stroke more than a person should wait to see something

  42. Justice League will be 100 times better than Bore: Ragnasuck. #Facts! 💯

  43. Omg yes oh god yes I’m seeing this in just 4 hrs I cannot wait anymore

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