Kartra Helpdesk Setup 🔥 Step-by-Step Tutorial – Ticket and Agent Management, Livechat, Customization

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This Kartra helpdesk tutorial covers everything you need to set up and manage a helpdesk.

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00:00 Intro – Why you need a helpdesk
01:26 How to create, customize, and configure your Kartra helpdesk
08:40 Helpdesk end-user experience overview
09:23 Helpdesk ticket management and canned responses
10:59 Live chat management and agent setup
13:10 Helpdesk analytics
13:21 How to deploy your helpdesk on any Kartra page or external site
14:10 How to use live chat for lead generation
15:56 How to get an extended 30-day trial of Kartra
17:08 Outro



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Learn how to set up a helpdesk in Kartra.

In this video, I cover how to not only use a helpdesk for support but how to also use it for lead generation.

Check the video timeline for a breakdown of the topics covered.

The fact that Kartra includes a helpdesk WITH live chat is another reason why it’s the best value marketing automation tool hands down!



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