Kids talk about their Wonder Women | International Women's Day | #WondersOfWomen | TLC

We asked 5 kids to talk about the special woman in their life, and the answers they gave us were priceless!

Kids don’t hold back when it comes to their feelings, especially when that feeling is love. A kid’s love is unfiltered and raw, just like it should be. This Women’s Day TLC embraces all these wonderful women and the powerful impact they have on us! #WondersOfWomen

Don’t forget to tell the special women in your life how much you love them!

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  1. Jordan Dennis

    Pure trash and propaganda.

  2. Necessary Evil

    The vast majority of people in prison grew up without a dad. Thanks a lot for all the criminals, *moms*.

  3. Wow very suttle insertion of "my daddi" when referring to her mother but I've seen the message about men and fathers before. Abolish fathers day and instead celebrate mothers on fathers day. Marginalize men to the periphery of society, the lives of our children and within the family. Just want you to know that I caught this in your video and do not support your message.

  4. Hello i am India , your great chennal , I visit your chennal

  5. Devika Jadhav

    Beautifully done

  6. Iba lamon. S. G

    Awesome video 😍😍😍 love it.. N now I would love to wish to every super woman a very happy international woman days…. & yeeeeeeeeee I'm proud to say that I was born on that 8 of March oh yeah that's womans days…. …

  7. Bhawna Dixit

    This is beautiful… Absolutely mumma is our wonder women

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