Kill Bitcoin and Crypto? | Steven Mnuchin's New Wallet Regulations

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  1. Great news, the fear is setting in, this will only make bitcoin more popular.

  2. Feds already collecting info. In your tax preparation for 2019 you are asked at any time in 2019 did you receive, send, exchange …financial interest in any virtual currency?

  3. First of all, there won't be a new administration (you can take that to the bank). 2nd, this will affect the crypto exchanges more than it will affect individuals if it passes. Understand that governments have no idea what they're doing when it comes to innovation. All they know how to do is regulate. So, this will be a very slow moving train. If all else fails and you're still concerned about your privacy, just learn to use a decentralized exchanges. Either way, it's upward and onward for BTC and digital assets 📈🍻

  4. Trump has been anti crypto since the beginning. This is his parting shot… Its a good thing he is out…

  5. How could they get information from 2 parties sending crypto from one cold storage wallet to another?

  6. I’m not a conspiracy theorist by any means, but something tells me Mnuchin allegedly has some suspicion or knowledge of at least some ties to the Biden administration doing some Bitcoin transacting that may be questionable to put it lightly and wants it exposed. I could be way off, but why else is he trying to rush this through on his way out? Makes no sense other than just being a complete A-hole.

  7. What’s the best way to save your money in your pocket or somebody else’s pocket?
    This is a very simple question Of course is it in your pocket 👍👍👍👍
    Exchange company they want people make it to the actual’s and get int and get out so far then exchange and making money to .. eAnd the people pay taxes to on this

  8. Mnuchin's leaving office? What if Trump wins? After the regulations on bitcoin on crypto pass into law. You will only be able to blame Steve Mnuchin but he will no longer be in office so who are you going to blame then? They didn't ban bitcoin or did they? Without being non centralized and losing anonymity and being heavily regulated what do you have with bitcoin? Nothing? The only way the price can move higher is if the elite rich have the freedom to manipulate bitcoin unregulated. Better sell now before the bitcoin crash happens and you are stuck in the bull trap and cannot liquidate your investment in bitcoin. Sell, sell, sell.

  9. Not moving btc anyway. Will just pay for things with eth once zk privacy is implemented

  10. The rich invest their money first into assets instead of purchasing liabilities. Take a wise decision today to buy and invest in cryptocurrency.

  11. Regulation are positief For hard working people…. Not so well for crimanals😂
    Love A.I. Future perspectief 🔺🔺🔺

  12. This "New Administration" been sold to ccp LOOOOOng ago! I'm more worry about my job than Crypto for now.

  13. Govt just cares about taxes…. so would you rather pay taxes on 2 million…. or not have the 2 million at all…. I'll take the taxed 2 million…

  14. People will rush to take BTC out of the exchange and on to cold storage, this will make a shortage on the exchange and send the price up.

  15. If the govt regulates crypto

    They will only have the corrupt pedophile billionaires to arrest

    Not gonna happen lol

  16. Bitcoin maxies have always believed they were going to beat the Central banks. Never going to happen. One of my reasons why Bitcoin will probably eventually go away and only the digital assets with UTILITY will survive. If you have nothing to hide this is great news for the space. Once people continue to be educated and realized Bitcoin can only be used as a store of value, it's price will go to shit. It can't scale, it's not efficient and essentially centralized in China. Don't say you were not warned. Maxies will hype the price for as long as so the new uneducated investors can make them rich, then they will dump on them and leave them holding this pile of garbage that is Bitcoin.

  17. No big deal. Essentially it’s just like white listing a wallet. It’s exactly what I do with blockfi. I have to whitelist a wallet for security reasons so that if I withdraw bitcoin from blockfi I have a preapprovrd wallet that I added. What you do once you get the bitcoin to your personal wallet is up to you. you can have multiple wallets and you can send to other personal wallets none of that is impacted.

  18. We've reached the "then they fight you" stage.
    But it will be followed by "then you win".

  19. I agree we have nothing to worry about this is a desperate move from the treasury and the people behind it

  20. If you have residency in Puerto Rico 6 months per year you are essentially immune to income tax. Booyah.

  21. It's not a big deal. Just send it again, but through mixers to another wallet. Boom.