KSI Lost £7,000,000 Worth Of Bitcoin | Bitcoin News Today | Crypto News Today

KSI Lost £7,000,000 Worth Of Bitcoin | Bitcoin News Today | Crypto News Today

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  1. Chris Letham

    He has millions profit and gets greedy on leverage , no sympathy for him

  2. Cheeky Crypto I guess we both agree it's not a loss unless KSI sold out. But either way I love your videos. Still hoping you will cover Origin Protocol someday ! I would love to know your take on that !

  3. ur an idiot if you trade crypto, bitcoin lost half its value in the space of a week

  4. Ben Biggerstaff

    Is it worth keeping my ethereum of should I covet it to vechain Chris?

  5. KSI? Must be a UK thing?

  6. You guys deserve 3.6 billion subscribers!! 😀

  7. Love this type of content! Good stuff

  8. Well said… I'm a noob, and just hodl…

  9. Awesome video Chris! Realy enjoyed this

  10. Ernesto Sanchez

    Great and fun little video. Good points, I like what KSI said and he's right crypto is here to stay!

  11. Rgkaf K5djsk

    Nice content as always Chris!!!

  12. Munga Desire


  13. Contrix Beatbox

    Ksi got greedy btc down 50% so in theory he could still have 3.5m.

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