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👉देखिए फुल रिव्यू और प्राइस Kubota MU5501 Tractor
👉Full Specification And Price of Kubota MU5501 Tractor
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👉Kubota Corporation is a tractor and heavy equipment manufacturer based in Japan. Kubota Agricultural Machinery India Pvt Ltd is the Indian subsidiary of Kubota Corporation, Japan.
👉Kubota started its operations in India in December 2008.
👉Kubota tractors offer tractors from 21 to 55 HP with a lightweight design and efficient engine and affordable price.
👉Kubota India believes in building and nurturing long-term relations with farmers. Kubota tractors are expanding their network across all states in India. They are introducing farm mechanization and are very committed to the Indian markets for developing its agriculture sector. It is Japanese technology helping Indian farmers with a comprehensive product range starting from power tillers, tractors, trans-planters to combine harvesters.
👉Kubota tractors provide servicing and maintenance at the lowest price.
👉Kubota Tractors manufactures high performance, multi-application rugged machine that provides maximum comfort for the driver at the most affordable tractor price.
👉Kubota Tractors series presents a winning combination of style and performance, which provides a great user experience to the farmers.
👉Kubota Tractors also provides other Farm Tractors between 4,00,000 to 9,00,000

PTO HP : 46.8 HP
Forward Gears : 8
Reverse Gears : 4
Steering Type : Power Steering
Brakes : Oil Immersed
Lift Capacity : 2100 kg

Kubota MU5501 is a 4 cylinder, 2434 cc engine, 55 HP tractor with rated engine RPM of 2300. Kubota MU5501 comes with Dry, Dual element Air filter and liquid-cooled cooling system for best performance. Kubota MU5501 is strong and enjoys the iconic styling in a tractor. Kubota MU5501 fitted with Oil-immersed brakes provides longer life and requires less maintenance. Kubota MU5501 comes with a synchromesh gearbox. Kubota MU5501 is perfect for agricultural operations with hydraulics like Automatic draft control and position control. Kubota MU5501 can achieve forward speed 3 to 31 km/hr. And reverse speed 5 to 13 km/hr. Kubota MU5501 has PTO speed 540, 750, and reverse and Kubota MU5501 gives an output of 47 PTO HP. Kubota MU5501 can lift 2100 kg of weight at the drawbar.

Kubota MU5501 comes with power steering with which the operator can handle the tractor easily.

Kubota MU5501 fitted with Fuel Tank of 65 litre.

Kubota MU5501 equipped with 8 Forward Gears 4 Rear Gears as per standard.

Kubota MU5501 comes with 2 WD and 4 WD options.

You can find the Kubota MU5501 Price in the description above. Click the button below to know the detailed Kubota MU5501 Price. You can also find Kubota MU5501 tractors price in your District by contacting us.

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