Crypto News: Bitcoin $60,000 | Altcoins on Kucoin Exchange

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0:00 Intro
1:50 Bitcoin Update
5:03 Michael Saylor
8:07 Max Keiser
12:37 News
14:39 Kucoin Altcoins
27:42 Sponsor Hello Pal
30:26 Q&A

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  1. ⚠️Exclusive Crypto Content

    🚨 Bitcoin 101 Class Code YOUTUBE for 10% off

    🔴Get the latest CRU/George Merch

    💰Voyager App Free $25 BTC Referral Code: GEOD68

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  2. Daniel Colon

    Could you check out Cti on KuCoin, low market cap, about. 20 cents a share, low circulating supply. Looks great. Medical field- sounds like a gem!

  3. one week later …. BTC @53

  4. This aged badly in about 12 hours.

  5. james jacobson


  6. nothing is more explosive than my diarrhea

  7. Nick From Yuma

    btc price: 55k . was this still the last chance to get btc under 60k???? blah

  8. Two days later and btc back down to 55k. Last time to buy under 60k? Please, there will be plenty more. Like during the next crash and the next

  9. Peter Roncevic

    im boy george

  10. I reckon Alex Jones just put that out to get attention…. probably no shred of truth to it.

  11. George! What's the new top for BTC this weekend and do you think it will close the CME gap late Sunday/early Monday? I know it usually does, but didn't happen with ETH last weekend.

  12. Find Your Next Guitar

    thoughts on Hydra? I bought in because they had 180% staking interest, but it's up about 300% since the beginning of the year – does it have a future? I don't quite understand the point of what it's used for?

  13. Great news! Thanks for your outstanding content! You got it wright!!!

  14. Luv 4m Sydney

  15. La Fraise Au Bois Dormant

    Reef will explode take the train quickly before x10 🚀

  16. V r George

  17. I m g

  18. U r g

  19. Josip Mladin

    The Nuls NULS project has begun its lightning rise to the moon!

    This project has been really neglected for years and has slept in the shadow of other altcoins, but it seems like a change is just coming and this March could be the best month ever.

    NULS is not so well known yet, but it will soon be a very hot commodity in the cryptocurrency market.

    The potential for growth is huge, and the current market capitalization is so tiny and that’s why really most honestly, when the price explodes and the real fomo starts, I expect a spectacular multiple increase!

    Please check, explore for yourself, see for yourself the foundations of the project and the truth of everything I claim here and don’t miss out on taking this great opportunity.

    Good luck!

  20. What Next Kai

    The Max Keiser thing really made me think last night… if he has say 1,000,000 bitcoins and price goes to say 500k, that's 500 billion?! Currently richest person is Jeff Bezos/Elon Musk at 170/180 billion?! Considering how few people know who Max Keiser is, it's pretty incredible. The first trillionaire is Max who??

  21. Sherlock Holmes

    NFTs ❤️ Ethereum

  22. Bitcoin Pump It Up

    💎💪🏼🚀HODL GANG

  23. Great analyzing !! 😂 you have been spot on!!

  24. Bitcorn Face

    You called it dude! You are a boss!!

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