Learn F# to write Succinct, Performant, and Correct Code with Don Syme – Hanselminutes #799

F# empowers everyone to write succinct, robust and performant code. Today Scott talks to Don Syme, the designer and architect of the F# programming language, described by a reporter as “the most original new face in computer languages since Bjarne Stroustrup developed C++ in the early 1980s.” How can F# help join both the .NET and JavaScript ecosystems?

.NET Conf Focus Day https://focus.dotnetconf.net/
F# 5.0 https://devblogs.microsoft.com/dotnet/announcing-f-5/
F# 6.0 Tasks RFC https://github.com/fsharp/fslang-design/blob/main/preview/FS-1097-task-builder.md
Resumable code https://github.com/fsharp/fslang-design/blob/main/preview/FS-1087-resumable-code.md
High Perf Immutable Data https://github.com/dotnet/fsharp/pull/11592
F# for Apache Spark https://github.com/dotnet/spark#net-for-apache-spark
F# for Azure Functions https://www.aaron-powell.com/posts/2020-01-13-creating-azure-functions-in-fsharp/
F# Dojo material is here: https://github.com/dsyme/guido-learns-fsharp


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  1. Thanks for the resources, it is great to see that F# is doing so well, definitely gonna have a look at computed list expressions! Big fan of Don Syme and what he has achieved. Years ago, F# was a big inspiration for VL, our visual live-programming language for .NET that we use in vvvv gamma. VL is also statically typed with automagic type inference and it also concentrates on data and has object-oriented features. Unfortunately, we couldn't keep nullness out of it because it references nugets and .NET assemblies directly (I wonder how F# deals with that?). It would be interesting to hear what a C#/F# programmer would make of it. So far, we don't have many users from a professional computer science background, maybe someone is up for a language discussion on our forums or matrix channel? Gonna watch the session with the python designer now…

  2. Richard Brightwell

    Fascinating to listen to this exchange. Thanks, Scott and Don!

  3. Is anyone else seeing those lines or is my phone broken? 😂🤔

  4. Saw the notification and instantly clicked play! You have such fascinating guests!

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