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In this video, we have with us our rocking host Mr. Vivek Bajaj, co-founder, StockEdge, Elearnmarkets, in conversation with Mr. Kirubakaran Rajendran.

Mr. Kirubakaran Rajendran is the Founder of Algo Trading firm,
http://www.squareoff.in who designed Trading Bots — An automated program that trades using a given set of rules. He has been featured in MoneyControl through Interview on India Top Traders. He comes from a statistics background who learned coding and the financial market due to his interests.

He talks about his growth in the industry without having much knowledge about it, and how people can learn more about the stock market and earn money. He started his own venture with his friend after he left his routine job, which was not his cup of tea.

This video is focused on rule-based trading and algorithmic trading, which will be thoroughly discussed by Mr. Rajendran. He concentrates on the fact that rule-based trading is safe and gives a better outcome than news-based trading because having a set strategy is more fruitful.

He will talk about options trading, intraday trading, position-sizing, bank nifty, and other subjects in his presentation that are necessary for an optimum trading strategy. The rule-based options will be demonstrated by the speaker through a practical approach in this video.

The right time for the call and put option, and how to use the stop loss are also explained in this video for the easy understanding of beginners who have just started trading. This video ensures that people with minimum knowledge can also trade through a rule-based strategy that is possible through understanding the stock market.

It is useful for investors, retailers, and traders who want to know the crux of the market including the correct time for any action that is essential in rule-based trading. He also says that the majority of the traders lose money because they do not use rule-based trading, but a news-based trading system. This needs to stop because having a set strategy provides a framework for the trader and this will be explained by Mr. Kiru who is experienced in this field for a good amount of time.

Watch this video for a great experience and knowledge that will help you in your future and in the trading industry. Mr. Kiru will provide a constructive learning session.

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  2. Radhakrishnan Unnithan

    Excellent education. Thank you Vivekji, you are doing a great job. God Bless!

  3. Sathyan Ramalingam

    Very useful video by Elearnmarkets. Keep it up guys

  4. sai harshith reddy

    Thank you vivek, kiru for the valuable session.Understood how simple things work great if you follow it over a long period of time.

  5. Rakesh Suraiya

    Thanks Vivekji and Kiru for organizing the video. Sounds like simple intraday and positional straddle strategy. However not completely convinced with leaving the profitable leg naked open. It seems Stock Mock is a good back testing platform. I really liked the trading bot which will eliminate trading psychology and impulsivity. Thank you.

  6. Reality Channel

    Amazing video after loooong time 😀👍

  7. Mangesh Ghaisas

    0920 gang put your hands up in the air

  8. बहुत बहुत धन्यवाद Sir जी, 1crore का course free मे मिला Request निचे हिंदी मे अनुवाद हो तो बढिया.


    Great work kiru

  10. Rudra Mondal

    Firstly Thankyou for the great learning. I am a student and trying to learn.
    Kiru bhai i have 2 questions.
    1. Sir at what time do we need to check the spot price? Is it of 9:15 or 9:20 ? And do we need to check the close of the candel and round it off or the current price?

    2. You said we will place the trade at 9:20,so if we need to check the price of 9:15 or close of 9:15 and then put the order at 9:20.
    Could please help with letting me know. Do i need to place order at 9:20 by looking at 9:15 close or 9:20 close or before!!

  11. Anita Padmawar

    Simply awesome

  12. Options talk

    Hi Kiru, I have one query about execution – is there a risk of SL order not getting executed or getting executed at wrong point? I mean if I place SL-M order and it gets executed at far away point. Then I lose much more money than I planned to. How do we ensure that the order is properly executed? Or do you think that this risk is very small?

  13. Hello Vivek I really appreciate your work in bringing many traders and sharing their thought process and psychology while trading. Very good initiative I also watched Vishal Mehta vedio also along with kiru both of whom also have associated with learnapp whose vedios I have saw there also. I personally appreciate Kiru for coming and sharing his knowledge openly. I have a doubt here in the positional trade which Kiru shared. He is talking about stop loss but how we can put stop loss of carry over position and next day there might be big risk because of huge gap up or gap down. So any specific suggestion on buying other leg etc

  14. Ganesh Wankhede

    Buying at 9.20 is ok, but what if we have gap up or gap down openings

  15. Ghanshyam Mishra

    I saw. kuru sir this video completely and knew more information about automated option strategy .how can I connect with kiru sir.thanks a lot to vivek sir who arrange program like this to us.

  16. sound quality is not clear so it is not easy to understand.

  17. Heman Panwar

    How to put combined target and sleep in straddle??????

  18. nalluri murali krishna

    Super vedio sir, thank you for this vedio. We have learn good information with this vedio. 👍

  19. Ashish Prajapati

    Awesome this is one of the best video… Thanks

  20. Sir for weekly positional strategy gap up and gap down may disturb the 100% SL concept. Can you give solution on this?

  21. V V Srinivasu Kota

    Thank you soooo much to both vivek Bajaj sir and Rajendran sir for this wonderful session ……. If we have discipline and patience on these strategies as told by Rajendran sir, it will be life changing one for every retail traders like me… Thanks a lot both🙏🙏

  22. Ajit Mahadevkar

    wonderful video…. explained in very simple way …. thank you sooo much …

  23. Nitesh Singh

    Kuch samajh nahi aaya..kehna kya chahte ho bhai..??

  24. cicdsatish satish

    Super , Thanks Mr. Vivek .

  25. Vishnu prasad Maneendra

    Thanks both Vivek sir & kiru sir..
    I have small query for kiru sir.. I read one book that is stock market wizards. In that many great traders specified that if strategies are revealed to everyone then it stops working. What is your opinion on that..
    You are making every strategy on just few clicks, it’s great work. But what is the probability that the same strategies are going to work in coming days when everyone follows in large numbers?

  26. Vikas Sharma

    Awesome video. Liked it a lot.

  27. Nandakumar S

    Excellent video by kiru. The best part is the guy who finds with ur face-Wife..ha ha ha..it really happens the emotion part of it. and also his conviction of testing the strategy and being with it for 100 days. I have been reading the blogs of squareoff for 2 reasons. 1 interested in stocks/fno & 2. kiru is next door guy fm chennai which i belong..ha ha ha..Thank you so much.. I will surely contact kiru.. btw will volatility, and with jargons like IV >15 etc etc affect the trades which were explained by him. 2.Can v take this strategy with Nifty as well. pls reply. Happy to hv watched local guy..Nandri & Vaazhga Valamudan..

  28. It is an amazing video

  29. Simple yet effective strategy, Excellent video. Thanks for this great work. Keep giving such videos. Kudos to Kirubakaran

  30. Satish Chandran

    Thanks for the video sir I thank both of you

  31. Technical Sudhir

    Really useful video, Thanks ElearnMarket

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