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  1. I was there he got lost 3 times. Secret service was paging him over intercom. Asset protection caught him stealing underwear. It was awkward. 2 people asked for his autograph they thought it was bad grandpa

  2. "President" Biden sounds so foreign, filthy & nasty… like Judas Iscariot the lowlife who betrayed Jesus Christ.

  3. "Come on, let's go, let's go" I used to say that to my kids when it was time to leave.

  4. Majority of the American people did not vote for dementia stricken Joe Biden as POTUS. He was installed as illegitimate POTUS by the NWO Cabal with connivance from the Marxist Democrats, the MSM, Big Tech oligarchs, and foreign governments (e.g. China, Germany, Spain, Italy, Iran, and Serbia) that collectively rigged the election and applied pressure on the 3-letter Agencies of the Executive Branch, the Judiciary, and the two houses of Congress to accept the fraudulent results of the November 3rd election to remove Pres. Trump who stands in the way of this NWO Cabal that intends to impose a tyrannical One World Government through this "GREAT RESET" that they have been promoting at the World Economic Forum. The American people (including the US Military) should rise up against this blatant attack on the integrity of our elections, our Constitution, our freedoms, and our sovereignty as an independent country.

  5. Where is little Mikey Bloomberg been hiding? Remember his disaster of a performance at the democrat presidential debate?

  6. I hope every person that voted for him gets to experience the consequences of their foolishness.

  7. Biden's AIDS shield him from answering questions about the crisis at the border while he stands around like a ignorant buffoon.
    WORLD…We did NOT ELECT this FOOL president of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!

  8. When he first walked in he was like standing there… like really onfused.. trump would have walked in.. shook everyones hands, said we will do everything to help you.. heres 1000 dollars

  9. Always glad to see he can't remember anything but always trying to unify by mentioning "the last administration fired the AG" but WE….blah blah blah!!! Wish he could remember all the wrong he has done!!!

  10. Oh my goodness, he reminded me of a deer in headlights. He had that look you see on the faces of punch-drunk, burned out boxers when they've had one too many blows to the head.

  11. Of course the cameraman turns the camera away when Biden is having a dementia spell and he walks out to avoid bad optics. Journalism is dead.

  12. Elder abuse. This guy has no clue where he even is. God have mercy on this country.

  13. Maybe he could answers some questions, do like a press conference or a state of the union, you know, like President type stuff.