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Top 10 Tips for Winning in Fixed Time Trades

1) Target: Set your objectives & Goals

2) Curb Your Expectations: Remember that your goal is to tilt the odds in your favor to win over time.

3) Know Your TA and Candlesticks: Knowledge is power from a guidance perspective with options, unless you only want to gamble.

4) Focus, Focus, Focus: Be patient enough to wait for strong trends to offer high-probability setups for your trades.

5) Develop a Trading Strategy: Keep your ego at the door, and you may be one of the few to find success in this genre.

6) Practice, Practice, Practice: There is no shortcut for experience in any trading environment and especially not with binary options.

7) Money Management Counts: Increasing your investment amount in order to recover prior losses is just another way to become a quick casualty.

8) Find a Reputable Signal Provider: If you want to trade as a profession and not just as a hobby, you may want to invest in an alert/signal service that can point you to potential opportunities in the binary option space.

9) Be Careful with Correlating Assets: Do not feel that you have to be in the market at all times.

10) Expect Early Losses and Start Small: You have followed the tips above, developed and practiced your trading strategy for hours on end, and now you are ready to make real money.

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