Low Budget Marketing Hacks for Ecommerce Entrepreneurs

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In this video we’ll dispel the myth that you need a million dollars to successfully market your online store by teaching you five low-budget marketing strategies.

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You’ll learn why it costs less to advertise cheaper products, why you need to start using new social platforms like TikTok, and why selling to international markets is a budget-friendly strategy for beginners.

💻 Links

Email marketing apps: https://apps.shopify.com/browse/marketing-email-marketing
Korey and Rodney’s interview: https://youtu.be/UrM12ZxPavg
Byte: https://byte.co/
Translation apps: https://apps.shopify.com/browse/store-design-translations
Oberlo on Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/oberloapp
Emma’s interview: https://youtu.be/osr6I_YuwrE


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  1. the retargeted traffic is ok, but asking the soft sell cost per click… so they will click your site you will pay and they will leave. Not a fan of that. uniless money is not an issue

  2. Everyone usually defaults to Facebook for paid media, and while it has the most eyeballs and very effective, people are neglecting other platforms like Pinterest and even Snapchat. I personally love Pinterest for getting super cheap traffic; especially if your brand caters to women, Pinterest is insanely powerful because it has 4x more conversions than Facebook and it's 10x cheaper 🙌🏼

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  4. Please give me 2 ideas to improve "conversions" of people who have already visited the product page

  5. What's thd other platform you had mentioned? Byte? Thanks for the great work!

  6. Hey, little help please…Got an email reminder from Ali that my order is ready to be collected from local Post Office…Now should i email my customer and remind them to pickup their package or is it taken care of by Shopify?

  7. Here’s an idea! How about Oberlo102, where you tell the truth about Aliexpress, cancelled orders and how to go through the appeal process, step by step.

  8. great tips, although the second tip for email lists says it costs nothing to send.. this is simply not true since subscriptions to mail chimp and other edm services incur a monthly fee

  9. I own a domain Bigshopcity with dot com extension It is listed for sale. it is awesome domain for ecommerce, retails and shopify. If any one interested in purchasing this domain then email me

  10. 9 months into dropshipping. $1500 spent. 25 sales, no $ made… Drop shipping is depressing

  11. Last tip is a great idea!! I’ll definitely try that. Almost like just inviting someone to come in to your retail store and then attack and close the sell haha
    Loved it!
    Would be nice to do with product categories.

  12. What if we have a product that has epacket shipping in, say, the UK and Canada, but not in Australia? Do I just not add that product to my store? Does it matter? Is there a way to geo-block products for some countries but not for others? Please help!

  13. 6:24
    This is what I think most of the people miss.
    The no.1 tip to grow in social media:

    Be Social.

  14. This is awesome! So glad we made it on the channel again 🙂 it’s a grind in the beginning but compounds each day you work at it!

  15. Hey!
    Great video! On the other hand the problem with instagram and leaving 100 comments/day is that instagram is super strict right now with new accounts…if I like or comment on more then 10/15 photos my account gets blocked straight away. It is very hard to build an account right now 🙁

  16. Hello! does corona virus affect the shopify we know that all products came from china please make reply

  17. "AUTOMATE"!!!!, I love this channel, always goes with good valued information to survive in this ecommerce journey. Thanks Cintron

  18. Hello, but when i want to fulfill orders in oberlo, can i do it with PayPal?

  19. The last tip was actually pretty good as you will also increase engagement on your ad as well as let your pixel know of more potential buyers

  20. Content is the way to connect with the audience and good content is best way to advertise

  21. hello, thank you for the video, I am one of your student from 101 course I did everything and start the first campaign but after a day facebook blocked my domain I am so sad right now, I don't know what to do I hope you can help in my trouble.

  22. hello, thank you for the video, I am one of your student from 101 course I did everything and start the first campaign but after a day facebook blocked my domain I am so sad right now, I don't know what to do I hope you can help in my trouble.

  23. Better learn full-fledged dropshipping along with FB ads manager from Udemy at a value for money rate.