Making Money Online is Dead! Is There Really No Way to Make Money Online Anymore?

Five years ago it was fairly easy to make money online. Any regular person could just jump right in and within a couple months be making a full-time income and it was only up from there. Things were simpler, the methods from back then still exist today. But the problem is that those same methods have become overcrowded, over-regulated, and have far more competition. One thing that bothers me is the ridiculous limits and rules they have applied to methods since five years ago. It truly is much harder for a regular person to make money online now.

On the other hand, the money you can make online has never been higher. The potential itself has shot through the roof. But the skill and learning required has shot up even higher. So ask yourself: Is it still worth trying to make money online if the potential has doubled, but the skill required has quadrupled? If I was a newbie again I really do not know if I would actually succeed in this era. There is just too much to learn, too much competition. The top dogs are reaping more money than ever before, but I wouldn’t be one of them, and they seem so out of reach.

As I mentioned, the old ways to make money online still work as a whole, they have just changed. Ways that have always worked are Affiliate Marketing, Article Marketing, Google Adsense, Pay-Per-Click Advertising. Sure, they work, and will always work, and in fact are the MAIN ways to make money online for regular people. But as I said, they have just become far more complicated and far more overcrowded.

If you believe you are smarter than the average person or more determined, you can succeed in the new world of making money online. Just don’t get confused. There are a lot of scams, I always say the ways to make money online are 80% scams, 15% rip-offs, and 5% truth. You will need a place that contains only truth, and that is damn hard to find as a newbie. My website is one of those places and has free guides and resources, if your interested by the end of this article.

There are also a lot of new ways, ways that they call “Web 2.0”. My favorite out of those methods is Video Marketing. YouTube being the biggest name in that. Yes, you can make money from Youtube. You won’t learn what affiliate marketing is in this article but basically if you combine affiliate marketing with YouTube then you can make a lot of money just making videos. With proper marketing and applied skill I always say you can more often than not make a dollar for every 100 video views if you know what your doing.

Alright this article has reached its limit, this is just an introduction anyway. There ARE ways to make money online, its just that they are concealed by an unfathomable amount of scams and rip-offs. And unfortunately that is the first thing EVERY newbie will see, in fact it will make most give up before they ever find the truth, because they will think that every way to make money online is a scam. Anyway, if you are interested in the real ways, you know where my website is, there are tons of free resources and guides there. Nothing more, nothing less. Cya.

Source by Jack S Black

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