Marinette…|| mlb meme|| Gacha club|| credits to: @Zoe Almario

Asslamualikum, hope you all are doing well!

Original by: @Zoe Almario

Inspired by: @Zoe Almario

*intro is not made by me*
Intro credits: @- Jxst.C!ndyxD ! 彡

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  1. ✿「Cherryl」• Ꮺ

    Can i get pin? Its okay if you say no 🗿✨

  2. ماريانا البقرة الضاحكة UsU

    I have a Q , can you answer it please lisaplayz :)? What does it mean shoutsout??

  3. °•-Miraculer-•°


  4. ʟɪᴛᴛʟᴇ ɢɪʀʟ🐻

    Fun Fact: You always have adorable videos😏💗
    Интересный факт: Ты всегда делаешь прелестные(очаровательные) видео

  5. Emmy_ Glitch



  6. •ŞţąřŞůň_Čļøůđý•

    Sorry Chat but you don't understand, it's you're fault why you always said "she is just a friend" you don't even say "Best friend" because if you both we're best friends you woul'd find out her identity and only best friends can reveal and trust each other, but if you'd be more than best friend or friend, at the very first met you will know her identity-

  7. ✨ Nootmare 💔

    How do you not have 100K yet Lisa 😭😭😭

  8. Châu Bảo Hoàng

    I mean like LB and CN relationship just go further and further from per episode ( I mean in a bad way)
    SPOILERS ALERT!!!!!!! If you don't like spoilers then don't read this comment

    So in "Rocketear", Nino reveals to Adrien that he is Carapace and Alya is Rena Rouge and then Adrien ( Cat Noir ) gets offended. Because he said that he thought Superheroes' identities must remain a secret. And at the end of that episode Cat Noir is quite sad tbh. 1 more is also at the end there's a picture of Cat Noir's looking at the moon with a sad face….so …… yeah…..( It's just-well- complicated to describe it for ya)Ok. So in my theory, there will be Chat Blanc 2.0 in the future. Nice vid btw 💓🖤 💚🖤 ( also I'm sorry for wasting ur time reading my comment, hehe)

  9. Jennifer Ruth Ekka

    0:17 Dude what are u doing here

  10. ◇Mikah riel◇

    I love how lisa is sometimes in the backround lol

  11. bakudeku 🥰

    Poor catnoir

  12. Chi Nguyễn

    Why chat nor* cry

  13. your majesty

    causally hopes for part two

  14. 2 plot twists i like it

  15. Vanessa Dompor

    Why is he not happy

  16. • bubble •

    New sub! Your skills are awesome!!

  17. We need next part

  18. Amazing Grace

    Chat noir:I thought our identity was supposed to remain a secret.
    Me: Meh dude spying is wrong and she gave the miraculous to Alya so obviously she knows who she is, also it hurt Marinette that she was lying to everyone especially her bff soooooooooooooo

  19. afton niha and friends

    Poor cat

  20. Art for life

    chat noir should understand this bruh it is literally his fault he is sad lmao

  21. ♡︎Gacha Melody♡︎

    Pls part 2

  22. random høøman

    Part two??

  23. DandoDreamCatcherAndDaBananas

    Part 2

  24. ❦ Aiko ❦

    Chat noir : oh I thought our identities were supposed to be a secret

    Me: 😦 you sure that’s chat noir..

    The one that likes ladybug



  25. Do not click my pfp 😠!

    Haha just kidding, have a good day ♡︎♡︎

  26. 🌸Ritika🌸

    Bro this is such a plot twist! You're vids awesome btw!

  27. Xx Pastel Pink xX

    what's song is your outro?

  28. *-Alarm Clock-*

    Why he crying

  29. 『 Uniivxrse 』

    I'm scared to ask you this TwT

  30. Floofy cloud


  31. ~Hëy Pànquecäs🥞

    Cat: 👁️👄👁️😭

  32. Little Pastell

    It reminds of harry Potter idk why-

  33. Nina Brajović

    Partttt 22222


    Alix in the bg be like: omg those kids can't stay without their identities revealed by a least one day?!?!?1

  35. Part 2 ?
    Can i get shout out

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