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  1. David Florince

    Hello what's the best way to get started with trade cos I've been making my personal research for a while now

  2. Kurt Bennett

    People will be kicking themselves in few weeks if they miss the opportunity to buy and invest in Crypto as it's retracing….BE WISE

  3. Vishal Singh

    Moon hai

  4. Start Elonmusk video kaha milega bro kya search karna padega

  5. domaindiego_ TTV

    Dogecoin to the moon 🚀🚀

  6. BabyBackCultureNews ,

    Dogecoin is going to scare the world by the end of this year whenever you have spare change put it in dogecoin …its basically you hold while dogecoin fight off the whales who can produce a hug spread as long as we hold …the spread that the whales are looking for will cost them more …. For example if a whale buys at 50 cent.. And they put 100000 thousands on doge looking for a 20 cent rise… So they can sale…… but if we sale they get another chance at doing it again at the same price or better. Dont sale and the whales will have to buy at 60 cent as it goes up ☝🔥so it simple put your spare change in dogecoin dont sale hold so the whales don't keep repeating the same thing as we grow the whales will put less in dogecoin…thus the coin will grow. And grow simple buy hold dogecoin to mars to 900000 a coin in year 2032

  7. Melanie Brown

    What is the best way to make money from investing?

  8. neuching marma

    Nice video

  9. Marilyn Jones


  10. The rich see's economy crisis as a garage sale, that's why investing right now will be the best decision

  11. i think its a black hole

  12. Guyss Just don’t panic sell…market is being just manipulated by the whales to kick off the small investors as it’s their trap only..,,infact it is the best time to buy the dips and crypto will be the future 💯

  13. Gerald Magno

    PATHFUND is the right PATH!! Better invest in a coin with real world use!!! It just started. #RightPATH #PATHFUND

  14. Entertainment

    Pant itn jaldi kaise nikli

  15. abhishek mishra

    Nice explanation

  16. Alexandre Johnson

    Thank you for this analysis. You have an encouraging winning attitude. Its this type of sentiment that makes investing fun. If Doge transaction are faster, require less power to mine, and used consistently as a currency by most crypto users, why couldn't it be independent of Bitcoin and even be at the #1 spot (marketcap)? Therefore, I believe it can be worth more than $5 if people realize that it doesn't have to follow Bitcoin and is even a better performing coin. Bitcoin will always be remembered as the first. But, like everything else in the world, shouldn't we all be hopeful about the progression of newer things compared to their predecessors? Just because Bitcoin was first, doesn't mean it is the best. Doge to the moon! I invested with individual companies and my earnings has increased so much.

  17. bhavesh gabani

    If you hate BTC don't kill it
    If you love dogecoin save it

  18. bhavesh gabani

    I remember dialogue of @Arshad Varsi

    Kon hai ye log??

  19. Abhijit Mohite

    In few days we will have VET frenzy as market is indicating…as more people are made aware about the use case…VET to reach atleast 2$ by year end it's now breaking from BTC slowly but surely

  20. Chandra Kumar

    Yes doge coin really spoiled my interest on cryptocurrency. Bcz my amount 1.95L is reduced to 73k. Really I am upset about regain my currency. But help me to get back my amount.

  21. Ye graphic hai dogecoin ka ab ye up hoga .to the moon 👍

  22. Louis Murphy

    <Appreciate your review, you gave very good advice with the right mentality adopted for cryptos✔People are getting the TSLA market situation wrong everywhere. With the current price I will advise lnvestors to trade before the bull run, The saIe of βͳc by TSLA has nothing to do with proving liquidity (regardless of what Elon says) or Elon losing confidence in b!tcoin, it is purely done for the purposes of managing the EPS results for wall street. We have to remember that TSLA is a publicly trad ed company with very high visibility. Anyways if you are seeking and speaking on improving your cryp to experience with daiIy ga!ns, I mean a functioning trad e group makes everything simple for refreshes on day by day trad e s!gnals. With Eric Clark's insight I presently don't need to stress over the ascent and plunge ofBitcoin. For profess!onal guidiance, My earnings has increased from 4.1 B T C to 18.7 B T C in just 2 months. I've full confidence in his tradlng abilities. You can easily get to him Ͳҽ-Ӏ-ҽ-ցɾąʍ ( @ericclark01 )


    Very good presentation

  24. Bhagwat bhakti songs

    Kuch bhi bolo ab mujhe elon bhiaya ke tweet pr koi trust ni hai

  25. Es se pata Chal raha hai k doge btc ko replace karney wala hai

  26. मुकेश गढवाल

    Bhai polkadot k bare me kuch batavo

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