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  1. why do people skip over the fact that there are tons of independant SEO experts that can fly through the process. If you're a small business owner don't waste your time learning how to SEO. just try to understand the basics of SEO so you know what you need to outsource

  2. Great information, thanks for sharing. This is definitely quality content 😃

  3. THANKS FOR SHARING; & we're wishing you the very best in 2021, 🥳🤩 Btw the attached creation are some of my one of a kind designed COVID-19 inspirations.

  4. Thank you for this video I’ve been researching marketing and although I found very helpful information from those willing to share this is the first video that have gotten straight to the point and communicated it in a simple way

  5. This has been probably one of the best informative videos I've seen on marketing structure. Every video I've seen so far has been very generic without real info. I guess they're trying to keep "their secrets". I don't think there are REAL secrets in marketing, it's all trial and error for every industry in your market.

  6. Guys you are doing well I have also seen that you have ranked your website on competitive keywords but you need to work on your YouTube videos these are not engaging, please go and check Backlinko channel

  7. Thank you for the value! But the "Get Yours" in your Ad copy = Ban.. You can be sure!

  8. Great video. Have to make sure you're setup with the right assets to begin marketing in the first place.

  9. Love the mall vs park analogy! That’s a such a good point on how to market yourself & approach your customers on different platforms!