Today’s Crypto News: Bitcoin [BTC] Gains | DCA | HODL

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  1. ⚠️Exclusive Crypto Content

    🚨 Bitcoin 101 Class Code YOUTUBE for 10% off

    🔴Get the latest CRU/George Merch

    💰Voyager App Free $25 BTC Referral Code: GEOD68

    💰Safeguard Your Bitcoin with Ledger Hardware Wallet:

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  2. Bull Investor

    Dca into ethereum

  3. AcePokerSolutions

    Thought futures expired the middle of March. What am I missing? ty

  4. ADA is still doing well, but also I have some TRX (Tron) now up from $0.037 to nearly $0.05. It has a good network and tons of transactions. What do you guys think it will reach?

  5. Any thoughts on MHC Metahash?

  6. So on point, especially with the Futurama meme haha. Preach!

  7. The Hodlers will be the billionaires in 10 years

  8. Chill out. Chill the F out. Lol. I’m glad a co worker told me to follow this channel. I really love this channel!

  9. I have been trying to buy RAE coin? I have not had any luck? It is a Crypto video plat form.

    Please help if you can

  10. Where can I get a “we are all George” t-shirt? Thanks for the great consistent content my friend!

  11. Steve Harris

    One of my chart reader friends says btc is going to 13000 soon. I highly doubt this.

  12. I'm seriously considering changing my name to George 😃

  13. Raspii Perez

    everyone need to stop reading charts with their bullish bias and nobody will be surprised.

  14. Mathura Mohan Das

    Go George, Go!

  15. I held everything for a year then my friends came to the exchanges and started to send me messages every single hour so I needed to check the prices every minute. Now I cannot hold anything 😂

  16. Justin Credible

    George dropping the knowledge! Again!
    George, you have been on top of this day in, day out! Thanks for everything you put in!

  17. Can somebody explain to me long term hodling. Do we mean 1 bull cycle or 2 bull cycles? What is the pro and contra?

  18. We are not all George… George …and what's your real name? … not George…. it's something like Bin or phock or shin or phuck , ..Gin… Ming or Lyn.

  19. We’re all 💎🙌 George!!!! Let’s gooooooo🚀⚡️

  20. Beating Obesity

    I hodl and dca and I check the price all day long. One thing I never check is what F2 pool is doing. It doesn't matter to me.

  21. We are all George!

  22. Regalfilter Mc fags

    Tvk pump coming

  23. This is a great word, go do something productive and meaningful while the money comes to you!

  24. There will be a blow off top before a down trend. 20%+ in one day. And that still might only be first major drop in a double pump 2013 scenario

  25. Everyone who has recently got into btc needs to watch this video

  26. kingmiller1982


  27. armenteroscarlos

    You are the truth! And we are all George

  28. Kashif Zafar

    Love ❤️ you George. Really like the way you have been motivating people here in Crypto space. Never seen someone this sincere. Appreciate and respect you 👍🙏

  29. Juan Rodriguez

    George is the man

  30. betheonewhois

    This is the best crypto YouTube channel, we are all George!

  31. Christian Jordán


  32. You guys, would do you think how the crypto market would react if the stock market would fall in a correction for ne following weeks/month?

  33. Please, make a video about Theta Network's TFuel.

  34. 👍👍

  35. ADA singlehanded saved my portfolio in this crash. I am starting to get emotionally attached to it 🌚

  36. George thank you so much for all your work you do some people don’t even realize how lucky they are to have you.

  37. Spitting fire! This is my favorite channel…..WE ARE GEORGE

  38. what are your favorite altcoins?


  40. FaReal WitIt

    thx george. ur a btc boss!!!

  41. Hastings Insurance Solutions

    BEST video yet George. Very responsible and helpful for all to get the simplicity of the game. CHEERS-!

  42. I got Cake n Bake n thinking maybe I should switch some of it to 1inch. I heard 1inch now has binance smart chain.. Binance BnB has a way to sneak up on u. In the past, it would stay a price for awhile, when other coins go up. Then suddenly, one day it catches fire n goes up n up. So I would say, BnB may play around at this price of $220 – $260 for some time. Then when u start seeing Btc n other coins going up, finally you see BnB makke a move. I gonna say possibly before this year ends. I put BnB at $800 – $1200 n with DeFi projects of Cake at $40-50 n Bake at $15 – $20..

  43. George do u think all exchanges should have a daily cap (200-500 btc) per day from any one wallet ,

  44. Liked before the 1st ad loaded.

    Commenting to help us.

  45. Dude we are x10-100x everywhere and you’re acting like we still have 100x to do so funny, I still expect some gains but oh boy you guys will be bag holder if you listen to him, have an exit plan it’s just an advice

  46. Well, i watch BTC price on daily average and the fluctuaction in price is intersting. Being able to study BTC price and hearing people views is intersting as well. BTC is extremly volatile. Knowing the future of BTC price make it fun to watch today price.

  47. Rodrigo Vidal

    You are amazing….your SHOW is awesome. Tks

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