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The Dogecoin prediction I put in the video is for the short term. I can see the Dogecoin Elon Musk tweets helping and with other people starting to mention it…it may run a bit up…maybe 10-15% from here. Dogecoin 2021 will be an interesting year to watch. Watching Dogecoin live is something as well. It is moving quickly. If you need to know how to buy Dogecoin then I have the answer. Click on my Webull link and get your Dogecoin there. They are in the beta, but I am guessing you will be allowed to get it. The old saying of Dogecoin to the moon is growing louder and we will see if it gets there. People often wonder what is Dogecoin and how can I buy Dogecoin. This video will help with all of that.

How high can dogecoin go in May? We can see the dogecoin price prediction moving higher as more retail and institutional investors pile in. Look at some of the recent meme stocks to get an idea of how this retail run can be taken advantage of in terms of profit taking.

The Dogecoin meme shows that there is a big following. Then the talk of the Dogecoin Super Bowl commercial as well is interesting. I hope this is dogecoin explained for those looking. There are also dogecoin live stream opportunities out there. But the Dogecoin prediction 2021 is that there will be another run up from here. How high will Dogecoin go is yet to be seen. Good Dogecoin 4/20 day coming soon. How high can Dogecoin go this year.

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  2. Levi O'Rourke

    I know you said Churchill capitol may be worth squeezing because of the short bets. But take a look at nio seems it could be prepping for the same. Good luck everyone

  3. Jeff Newcomb

    Always good to see positive news for doge!

  4. Sell Ethereum
    Buy Dogecoin

  5. Eric Morphis

    Tesla Cat was on the move today! Green Days ahead! Love that Cat and your ability to remain focused while he moves back and forth! Thanks for the exciting update.

  6. Mark Bradshaw

    Oh I am trying to make a deposit Block fi does not accept my bank what do I do

  7. Levi O'Rourke

    Thanks for all your efforts moe! I’ve followed your channel since the first month. You’ve helped me a lot, my oldest son gets an account soon an will be able to buy the stocks you use. He is hoping for his portfolio to surpass mine. And we should have a computer bought an programmed for doge mining hopefully this week

  8. Evan Daugherty

    Moeeeeee I have a very serious question. I have a pretty good amount of Ethereum, and Ethereum Classic where I got in early, ($13.62). Is it smarter to just hold these for years or sell before the expected bear market and buy back in at a lower price?

  9. Justin Wilson

    Do you have to pay taxes if you transfer your crypto to blockify?

  10. I don't have Much money as A Student But I wanna Invest.. I have invested some of my money in polygon can you suggest me more like polygon and what is your prediction on doge coin?

  11. UAV Me dronerz

    Don't stop with Tesla cat attacks! The Bears are feeling it!

  12. Steve Hinton

    Did you see this Moe. Japanese Car Parts ship 500'+ sank off Japan coast Friday… More car part delays!!

  13. Jehoshaphat Abdu Bennett Jr

    awwwww TESLA CAAAAAT…I love love love tesla cat…so cute thanks Tesla cat

  14. Mastermind M

    I look forward to watching your videos😊

  15. Eth 🚀🌙 ADA, MATTIC 🚀🌙🚀🚀🌙🔥🚀🌙🚀🚀. Oh ya DOGE also lol 😆 🚀🌙
    Moe Great crypto and stock predictions and technical analysis very thorough job , I really appreciate all the time and effort put into these videos , great content MOE !!!

  16. Hi Moe , MAX my dog 🐶 loves your channel, especially when Tesla Cat 😺🐈is on , every time he sees her he buys a NIO share 😆😆😆😆

  17. Best place I found to stake Ethereum, is to sell it for Cardano and stake that.

  18. If you stake ETH on coinbase it's 6%

  19. I can't believe you're almost to 500k subs. Crazy to think my teacher has become a YT star.

  20. Brendan Deeney

    Still enjoying the morning Coffee with a daily dose of Stock Moe 👌🇬🇧. I think Elon will take Doge to Mars ! 🚀 😂. Thanks for all your hard work and great videos.

  21. Love what the Tesla cat 🐈 does to the Bears 🐻

  22. David Matthew Cummings

    Please do a video on mining! That would be so cool! Thank you for all of your advice. I have made a significant amount of money listening to what you say. Thank you so much!

  23. Alex Callahan

    How do I start? I don't know squat about Cryptocurrency

  24. Douglas Parks

    Tesla cat should be your co-host.

  25. Miguel Contreras

    Moe you are one the best. Thanks for working really hard!.

  26. Phlar Galactic

    10:14 that was awesome…

  27. George Lopez

    Moe, you gotta check out HMBL . It works off blockchain technology. It also has an ETX.

  28. Lobster King

    Normally how is the price

  29. Moe I have good amount of ETH and ETC . What do you think about ETC . Is it worth to hold going forward . Please let me know Moe

  30. Allan Smetana

    Great video Moe

  31. Sell (doge) the news!

  32. Another great video from the goat. Ppl want immediate massive gains overnight and that’s just not realistic unless your the next Elon musk. Get super rich slow with moe!

  33. Joshua Garcia

    Moe is the hardest working YouTuber out here 🔥💪

  34. Rolando Adrian Rodriguez

    I’m currently using Gemini to gain interest on Eth. However I’m starting to regret it because they just dropped their rate to 2.05%. The only thing I like is that I can get interest on Polygon, and Doge

  35. Andrew Litchfield

    Wejo merging with the SPAC $VOSO and compare those warrants to $SAII (a similar company but with LOWER revenue) you can clearly see $VOSO/W is deeply undervalued. I’m going to make a video about it. Wejo is backed by PALANTIR and GM (General Motors owns about 40%) I hope you check it out it will reap big gains. Cheers friend

  36. David Lacouture

    Market is stabilizing, in terms of weeks bullish will uptrend!

  37. I love Tesla Cat, he loves making your videos more enjoyable

  38. King of Klownz

    Moe, Long term ETH and Doge will 🚀, But right now, it’s all about the AMC 🦍🦍🦍🦍

  39. Amcy Sabanovic

    Dogecoin 🚀&🚀 Ethereum

  40. Chris Presley

    Anyone have any opinions/experience with Celsius for compounding interest on crypto? It was recommended to me by a friend but I’m trying to see if it is a reliable/secure option.

  41. The whole point of blockchain is decentralisation, free of control from governments.

    The Chinese version of digital currency is exact opposite of that, if China can’t control it they don’t allow it.

    Chinese digital currency will have heavy govt control it’s not the BTC or ETH we use to know

  42. Dear 5lb 8oz baby Jesus…let this guy be right about $eth

  43. TakeTheHelm II

    To the moon

  44. What about AMC Moe???

  45. Freddie Butler

    AMC is going to the 🌙moon, it up $37.69

  46. Raphael Harisda

    Hurry to buy DOGE.. otherwise you will regret in the future..🚀🚀🗼✈✈👍🎁💥

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