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MASSIVE ETHEREUM PRICE CHANGE AND ETHEREUM NEWS – BEST ALTCOINS TO BUY NOW 2021. This is huge for how the Ethereum price should react over the next few months. We are seeing a big run up in the day’s prices for the best altcoins to buy now 2021. The Etheruem news today has been fantastic in that the upgrade is coming in the next day.

I do believe that the Cardano price prediction and the Ethereum price prediction will roll in the same direction. Both of these cryptos should perform well over the next few years and should outperform the overall market in terms of price appreciation.

When it comes to the best altcoins to buy now and the best cryptocurrency to invest in 2021 and 2022, I absolutely believe that Ethereum win that battle as the top crypto. We are seeing a good amount of Ethereum news out there that is positive overall. I have watched the Ethereum price and the Cardano price spike up a bit and would expect to see that continue over time.

We have the London hard fork coming soon and this should push things even higher. I believe that the Ethereum upgrade is not fully priced in yet and that we can have a good amount of upward pressure on the Ethereum price in the next few days.

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    Just bought more ETHEREUM. Thanks Moe

  4. Is 11 coins a lot? That's all I got. I also have 8300 coins in ADA.

  5. Thinking should I move my money from some of my stocks and just buy etherum?

  6. Thanks you Moe..!! You are still my favorite. Not into the "day traders" Cost Averaging is the only way to go…… Keep up the GREAT work Moe.

  7. What do you think the 5 year projection? Thnx

  8. Lucia McFaddin

    Moe, can you go over what staking means?

  9. If this pays off I’ll buy you a drink moe!

  10. AMD and ETH for me !

  11. Raquel Chavez

    I really appreciate your updates. Do you mine and hold crypto in a trust>LLC?

  12. Jason Kramer

    Been missing the crypto bus for years. So happy to find moe's channel. Broke even on my 40 coins today. Thanks moe!!

  13. Do you think anymore dips? Any chance of buying at lower cost? Or buy at today’s prices!

  14. Are you concerned at all about another lock down? Government takeover? Like in Australia!

  15. Peaky Blinders

    EIP 1559 is really going to help boost Ethereum for sure, I'm also looking at other top blockchains like Celo which has huge potential. Have you looked at it, Moe? Would love to know your thoughts as their mission is to build a financial system that creates the conditions for prosperity—for everyone.

  16. Ansar Meeran


  17. no Dash :/

  18. Nazo Shirinian

    Anyone invented in Shiba inu ?

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    What do you think of The Graph GRT?

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    This Crypto bull run is just starting 🚀!: buy BTBT, RIOT & MARA 💰🚨💰🚨💰

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    Bitcoin is the future , Investing in it now will be the wisest thing to do especially with the current rise

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    Eth gonna pump to 3500 before the dump back to to 2200 again

  27. Jason Copeland

    Does anyone see Ethereum hitting $3000/coin by this weekend?

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    You da man Moe!

  29. Ankr an Etherium token… is currently on fire.

  30. Mema alghawi

    Can you please send explain the difference between ETC and ETC 2.0 ???

  31. Ryan Gutierrez

    RSR Coin !!

  32. This had happened before. It is pumping and it will dump.

  33. BoOMPresents

    Moes my guy. Thanks dude for sharing your knowledge and research on this stuff!

  34. annyn matheson

    Moe, could you look into xlnx? Just curious what your thoughts are. It seems to be very cheap if amds price holds.

  35. Good crypto information today! Thanks Moe!!!

  36. Grace Hedenquist

    My money is in Voo, Nio, Eth.

  37. Droning On Again and Again

    Hex tested and proven and Pulsechain…coming soon.

  38. QAO, check it out

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    No one talking about “hood” ?

  40. What is going on with the SEC and the infrastructure bill and the sneaky info they put in the bill? What is Yellen doing?

  41. I have 20.01 ETH @ $2,377 been $$ Cost Averaging for the last couple days‼️ Im ready for 📈🔥🔥🥵TAKEOFF.. Bought literally 3-4coins last week or 2 just for Aug4 EIP 1559‼️ 1 more DAY 👀 2030 VISION 👀

  42. Gustavo H. Galvanini-Boldrini

    51% of my portfolio is ETH.

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