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The NIO stock price prediction is one that should move higher now with the additional manufacturing capabilities happening. Seeing the NIO stock price rolling up with this is a good thing. I see the NIO stock having a good run soon.

The other one is how to invest in Ethereum as well. Any of these cryptocurrencies will help you to maximize your profits. The crypto crash has been been fast and painful. The Bitcoin crash should be over hopefully soon and we move into another run soon enough.

Know how to invest in ETH and how to invest in BTC for the long run. It can lead to above market gains. How to invest in Bitcoin to retire early is always a goal for investors. Ethereum price and Ethereum prediction. How to invest in ethereum. Ethereum price 2030 and ethereum price 2025.

This video is all about how to become an ethereum millionaire and how to become a bitcoin millionaire by 2030. I go over how to retire on bitcoin and how to retire on ethereum by 2030. I go over the value of ethereum in 2030 and the value of bitcoin in 2030.

You can learn how investing in bitcoin for fire and how investing in ethereum for fire when it comes to retiring early can be very easy. I know many people want to stop the old 9-5 rat race as soon as possible. Best place to buy ethereum.

Know how to invest in ETH and how to invest in BTC for the long run. It can lead to above market gains. How to invest in Bitcoin to retire early is always a goal for investors. Ethereum price and Ethereum prediction. How to invest in ethereum. Ethereum price 2030 and ethereum price 2025.

This video on how I would invest $1,000 or any amount in cryptocurrency in 2021 or how to trade Bitcoin went on to discuss how I use to mine Bitcoin and Ethereum coins before they were stolen. Nowadays, brokerage houses have a much better way to store these cryptocurrencies for their clients. In today’s investing society, we need to learn how to invest in Bitcoin or how to invest in Ethereum.

The Cardano price prediction is another crypto that should roll up. The Cardano price has outperformed other crypto’s lately. I can see Cardano moving up over the next few weeks.

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  2. My high school gym teacher 👨🏻‍🏫 turned basement advisor 🤥

  3. CORGIB coin is best.

  4. Psychedelicore

    Thoughts on Harmony ONE?

  5. Moe look into XRP!

  6. Very redundant but great information!

  7. No doge….? Forreal?

  8. Nothing not seein etc and ada

  9. Motiv8 M3dia

    Where was the nio chart ?

  10. Frank Mclean

    Go get the DHO Moe.

  11. Sergey Litvinenko

    Etherium 6-7k at the end of the year😏

  12. David Caldwell

    Hey Moe! still long Hive? Have not heard you mention HVBTF lately.

  13. Jonathan Lua

    Ethereum to the moon 🚀🚀

  14. Subash Poudel

    Typical banker!

  15. moeahmad19122

    Bought 4k ada

  16. Joshua Garcia

    Thank you Moe!

  17. HOKK 🚀🚀🚀

  18. ADA love it.

  19. Robert Rafael

    You’re the GOAT Moe never forget it!

  20. Gabriel Opoku

    Moe, where can I buy polkadot

  21. John Henderson

    BlockFI reminds me of Bitconnect. Anyone remember that?

  22. Thomas Minor

    Added more Eth this morning. yay. Thanks for your tips Mo.

  23. Eric Wendelschafer

    You made me a lot last year in the tech stocks, I sold it all to get into crypto in December, now your back helping me with crypto. Glad to be back

  24. Got some ETH on the big dip!!

  25. NY won’t even allow us to use BlockFi or buy certain coins on Coinbase. It’s ridiculous Moe!

  26. got nio tesla and ethereum but damn ethereum.Classics is kickin some asstoday!!!!!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  27. pete severino

    What about ETC?

  28. Chris Stanford

    Uncle Moe, should I buy crypto on blockfi, or Coinbase??

  29. Brandon Babcock

    Matic won't be needed once ETH 2.0 goes to POS in house. It's the lending and yields based off of ETH that is holding it up so well. I wouldn't be long on that personally.

    Also, I think alt season is about to come to an end and BTC's rise to supremacy is about to prove itself once again before this bull run takes a dump and snooze.

    ETH, ADA and DOT will go up and maybe even have a better ROI but the market cap share is about to sway from 40% BTC back towards 70% BTC until this bull run ends. I got into MARA heavy in the low twenties to leverage this belief.

    The time to load up on ETH is once BTC sells off hard after reaching a new all time high and crashes down dragging everything else crypto back down along with it. This is when crypto will go back to sleep for awhile as big money rotates out after dumping what they don't want to hold until the next halving cycle.

    ETH will likely get cheap during that time up until the POS situation is effectively implemented and proven to work and be deflationary or at least has a known inflation rate. That time in between is when I'll look to buy personally. I don't have a price prediction but it will likely be less than it is now because it isn't retail investors pushing it up and down like this. It is times like that when whales slowly accumulate or simply leave and hold letting things cool off.

    Like you I've been in crypto for awhile. Personally I got into crypto in 2014 and I agree with everything you've said but one.

    NFT's are cool but I don't believe that ETH will ever pass BTC based on NFT's and games/dapps. Unless you can do legal contracts on the blockchain it's going to be limited in actual use cases where BTC will eventually pass gold's 12 trillion market cap imo.

    Also, POS always comes at cost as you know. I think the ETH team will do it right but DOT and ADA will take some part of their pie as well. I personally believe that in the long run both those will have better ROI than ETH because they too will be picked up by ETF's and specialize in different things.

    ADA is going after governments and has a strong community while polkadot has a lot of institutional support and is ran by the man that wrote the original ETH yellow paper.

    I personally believe that it is asset backed tokenization regulated by the sec and finra that is right now in it's infancy that will see the massive gains that BTC has. I was too young to realize those gains when I owned 25 BTC at $200 and truly knew this day would come or when I had 2000 NVIDIA at $25-$35 and sold way too early because I didn't possess an investor's mentality.

    I think that the winning platform that opens up the private markets which is 7 trillion plus in the US alone that also combines it with crypto, NFTS, stocks and ETF's all at one place based on blockchain technology is what will the new Nasdaq 2.0 and absolutely huge.

    ETH and it's NFT's and further crypto adoption and regulation will help create this inevitable transition. It will also actually work because the central banks, feds, brokerages, funds and institutions all benefit along with the owners of the private asssets and businesses and retail investors.

    To me this tZERO and it's TZROP token/security is this and that's where I am putting the majority of my capital.

    I will accumulate ADA, DOT and ETH once this bull run ends and things slowly trend down because they have the best ROI and then sell a good chunk at the height of the next bull run in order to buy TZROP, BTC and stocks like NIO, PLTR, MARA, DKNG, CHPT, BNGO and BEEM.

    To me BTC = Tesla and ETH = NIO. One is the clear winner but one is the better investment as far as a ROI proposition which is why many BTC bulls have switched over to ETH. You can like them both but and put more capital into the smaller one but always remember who leads who and why. Congrats on all the success, Moe!

  30. Congrats to those who brought NIO at the low. We should see a good run up from here.


    Wyckoffian Logic technical chart – May 19 to June 10

  32. Bruno Oliveira

    🚀 Virgin is going Galatic

  33. XRP ???

  34. TheLostPrince123

    Hi thoughts on QS?

  35. Highly Unlikely


  36. Solomon Davis

    Hey Moe when do you think ETH will hit 5000? Also great vid again

  37. You look Fresh and happy today Moe 🙂 finally stocks and crypto are doing well today

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