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MASSIVE LOSSES IN EV STOCKS THIS MONTH & NIO STOCK PRICE PREDICTION & TESLA STOCK PRICE & 5 OTHERS. This video is all about the best stocks to buy now in the EV industry, including the NIO stock price prediction. I have the Tesla stock price prediction in there as well.

One of the best stocks to buy now is the Chargepoint stock price prediction I put in there. I see the Chargepoint stock price rolling up to a nice gain. I can see the Chargepoint stock having a good run soon after the recent drop in price. Mixed with the NIO stock price lately, these two EV related stocks are set to expand.

The Stock Moe NIO prediction is a bit more conservative than some of the analysts out there. Stock Moe NIO stock price Information is done. NIO stock price prediction and NIO stock will be good. The NIO stock price prediction 2021 will be huge. This NIO price will run nicely higher. EV growth stocks are good. NIO stock price prediction is good.

The NIO stock price prediction is getting back down to the base that was formed last year. I can see the NIO stock price moving higher later in the the middle of Q2. I have been through this before with the NIO stock and it is never a fun ride. I can see the NIO stock price prediction moving up in 2022.

When it comes to the best stocks to buy now and the best growth stocks 2021, these stocks give us a great opportunity at some nice gains. I believe we will see big gains sooner than later.

The Stock Moe Tesla prediction is a bit more conservative than some of the analysts out there. Stock Moe Tesla stock price Information is done. Tesla stock price prediction and Tesla stock will be good. The Tesla stock price prediction 2021 will be huge. This Tesla price will run nicely higher. TESLA MODEL 3 is rolling higher. EV growth stocks are good. TSLA stock price prediction is good.

The best ev stocks to buy now are the best electric vehicle stocks to buy for the future. We will see how the top ev stocks to buy now. EV stocks are ones to look into for everyones portfolios. Electric vehicle stocks should outperform. A good EV stock analysis should help with the due diligence.

The XPEV stock price prediction or the Xpeng stock price prediction is one to consider moving forward. The XPEV stock price has retreated back to levels not seen in a year. The Xpeng stock price will have some upward mobility once we are through this correction. I will be looking into more XPEV stock soon and possibly adding on more Xpeng stock this week.

The LI stock price prediction is one that should move up as well. I can see the LI stock price having a good run in 2021 after this correction. We will see if the LI stock can rebound soon. The lcid stock price prediction is another to watch for. With the CCIV stock price prediction moving higher, I do expect to see the CCIV stock price rallying soon. I believe in CCIV stock and after the merger with Lucid, the new Lucid stock price should do well.

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Stock Moe’s content is for entertainment only. In no event will Stock Moe be liable for any loss or damage including, without limitation, indirect or consequential loss or damage, or any loss or damage whatsoever arising from loss of data or profits arising out of, or in connection with, the use of Stock Moe content on YouTube, Patreon, and Discord. Stock Moe is no longer a licensed broker/financial planner. All financial decisions made by the viewer should be done after talking with a licensed professional. Everything on the Stock Moe channel is for entertainment only. Stock Moe’s video content may change over time, or become outdated or invalid. Stock Moe reserves the right to change his opinions and entertainment content at any time. I also have affiliate links in this description that I can earn money off of to help support the channel. Thank you from Stock Moe.

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  8. Yesterday someone tweeted to William Li (CEO of NIO):

    "Thanks boss! Really hope nio can be in the usa next year! Please make it happen! Looking forward to more adventures in my awesome car!"

    William Li responded: "will do"

    NIO is advertising for marketing strategist people for entry into Germany and USA on LinkedIn, so you can see their thinking down the road.

  9. Colin Aarbodem

    Sure they will bounce back. Normal people and maybe even big funds cash profit out after these runs. And make for great buying opportunities

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