Max Keiser Reveals Bitcoin Price Forecast for 2021, After Nailing 2020 Call

In this exclusive interview, Max Keiser, host of the Keiser Report and one of the most influential people in the crypto space reveals his coveted and highly anticipated forecast for bitcoin on Stansberry Research.

In 2018, Keiser forecasted that bitcoin would end 2020 around $28,000 a coin – the crypto ended up closing the year at $29,000 a coin, making Keiser’s prediction the most accurate compared to other crypto experts.

Speaking with Daniela Cambone as part of the Outlook 2021 series, Keiser also shares his forecasts for gold and silver. During the interview, Keiser is asked about bitcoin being the ultimate bubble waiting to burst, about those that call it a Ponzi scheme and whether tether is manipulating the price of bitcoin higher.

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  1. Tommy Bisson

    So you're telling me the major banks haven't already invested in bitcoin, especially with the price dropping more an more these past couple of weeks. Wouldn't you ?

  2. Jackson Davis

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  3. Patrick Gagnon


  4. Crypto Blah Blah

    This guy is an astrologer lol 245 years is the US pluto return!!

  5. Can't see that happening now

  6. John Stamatiadis

    Bitcoin is rubbish

  7. He really is the man

  8. best interview ever. hilarious yet informative

  9. wow so he was wrong i think. we are half wa through the year and ELON decided to power trip no way we're making 200k now.

  10. Luther Westwood

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  11. Paulo Renato Aquino

    great guy!

  12. I will dance in the streets when central banks collapse!!

  13. Paul Primero

    Thank you Daniela Carbonell and Max Keiser …. AWESOME AMAZING BEAUTIFUL LOVE IT !!!!!……. I would most likely be the😇❤ only person in the WORLD that would TRULY APPRECIATE what Max Keiser would for me !!!

  14. Kiss my ass world!


  15. Belladonna Gammidge

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  16. I am so happy about this .thechinahacks helped me out financially when i was broke .

  17. Strongest Montreal accent ever "Me I bro" haha

  18. Determined this year that Bitcoin will reach one million U.S. dollars!

  19. He predicts 220k

  20. Trisha White

    I have been loosing trading myself. I thought trading on demo account is just like trading the real market. Can anyone help me out or at least advice me on what to do?

  21. Im going to remember this prediction! One of the central banks around the world will collapse in 2021. Well first he said all of them but then he changed it to one. I have heard China is starting a digital currencies so by Max logic it probably wont be China.

  22. Nice strategy i must say. I didn't earn as much as this video claim but i earn about 3250usd every week and i don't do that using video

  23. will bitcoins survive it is electronic and not real

  24. Aladdin Sane

    Seems like Max has to much of a buzz going to let Daniela ask her questions.

  25. Delaney Dakota

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  26. What does Max Kaiser know that we don't?

  27. Anderson Lucas's

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