McConnell Speaks in Senate! | $2,000 Stimulus Check Bill

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$2,000 Stimulus check update ⚠️Investing Program & YouTube Course 🚨 Use Coupon 🤠HOLIDAY2020🤠 🦠Life Insurance 💰4x Free stocks (deposit $100) INVEST w/ Kevin:

Nancy Pelosi AGREES to do $2,000 stimulus checks.
Chuck Schumer AGREES to $2,000 stimulus checks and $4,000 for couples.
Steny Hoyer AGREES to do $2,000 stimulus checks.
Bernie Sanders agrees to do $2,000 stimulus checks.
Roy Blunt does NOT believe there are enough votes to get $2,000 stimulus checks passed.

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Second Stimulus check update as of Wednesday 12-30-2020
The New Omnibus and Covid Relief (Stimulus Check) Package includes the following:
-$600 stimulus checks to adults.
-$600 stimulus checks to child dependents.
-$75k single phase out for checks / $150k married filing jointly phase out (reduces $5 per $1000 extra you make).
-No cap on dependents.
-$300/wk Unemployment (11 week extension for all unemployment including PUA / PEUC).
-SSDI/SSI Stimulus Checks
-A deal between Pelosi, democrats, and republicans with Toomey on the Fed’s 13-3 facilities.
-Business meals tax deductible.
-Second PPP round with 25% decline in revenue. New first PPP round.
-New “targeted” EIDL Grants. Emergency Injury Disaster Loan Grants.
-Rental relief with state governments.
Stimulus check update as of Wednesday 12-30-2020

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Steve Mnuchin, Nancy Pelosi, Donald Trump, Mitch McConnell, Chuck Schumer, and Kevin McCarthy have finally managed to get the $900 billion dollar stimulus package agreed upon. This is a smaller stimulus check bill than the Cares Act, but it’s very much needed.

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