Methadone Detox Using the RESTORE™ Neurotransmitter Restoration Program Testimonial

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Read John’s full story below: “Hey, my name is John, I’m from Massachusetts and I came to New Beginnings for the Restore Program to get off Methadone.


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  1. I quit a 20 year methadone habit with methadone detox treatment dr vorobiev under anesthesia and pain free. i'm pretty sure now that drugs behind me and i will have drug free life,and that amazing thing to say.

  2.  i just come off 80 mg methadone a day  a user for 12 years and i went though hell 3   seize rs stork  and 52 other problems this is my first day starting to feel good after a month forced cold turkey one hell of a ride but i having heart problems now on my own at home it was very dangerous with little help and you  well need help and i am 53 coming off this shit can kill you i know