Michael Saylor Ethereum DEBATE – The TRUTH About Ethereum | Raoul Pal Ethereum Price Prediction

Michael Saylor Ethereum DEBATE – The TRUTH About Ethereum | Raoul Pal Ethereum Price Prediction

Michael Saylor the Bitcoin Maxi VERSUS Raoul PAL the Macro KING in the GREAT ETHEREUM DEBATE…

Michael Saylor and Raoul Pal are two of the most well-spoken investors in the cryptocurrency space and generally they agree on most points. EXCEPT. FOR. ONE. Ethereum.

On one hand, we have Michael Saylor, the Bitcoin maximalist who has a 100% allocation towards Bitcoin. On the other, we have Raoul Pal, an ex Goldman Sachs Hedge fund manager who slowly allocating towards 100% Ethereum.

In this video, we will go over what both investors have MOST recently said about Ethereum, WHY Michael Saylor won’t go near it as an investment and why Raoul Pal on the other hand thinks it’s the safest Bet.

Raoul Pal has also invested in Ethereum and other tokens. According to him, Bitcoin has two attributes: one is a store of value. It’s like gold because it’s a scarce asset like artworks or real estate.

Besides, it has a call option for the future, which is the network effect of Bitcoin and the whole crypto space. This is why Bitcoin will rise when central banks keep printing more money.

In October, Pal started observing the chart of ETH/BTC. He checked the stock-to-flow model and used Metcalfe’s Law to value the network which says a network has value proportionate to the number of people on it and the number of interconnections they have with each other. So, this law applied to Bitcoin. He realized Ethereum had the same price mechanism as Bitcoin.

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0:00 Michael Saylor VS Raoul Pal ETHEREUM DEBATE!
1:11 Ethereum latest performance – Michael Saylor
2:23 Why Ethereum is the CLEAR CHOICE – (Raoul Pal)
3:29 But who is RIGHT? (2 Ethereum Facts)
4:14 Raoul makes the case for ETH…
7:23 Bitcoin will 5x BUT Ethereum will 10x (INSANE)
8:41 The Dark TRUTH about Ethereum…
9:08 Michael Saylor on why he WONT touch Ethereum…
13:12 Different types of investors (Traders & Risk)
16:34 Michael Saylor on WHEN to INVEST in Ethereum.
17:51 Is investing in Ethereum a GAMBLE? (Saylor)
18:57 Every investor needs to figure THIS out…

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  1. Improved2021

    Michael Saylor uses comparisons because he's full of shit- hes full of One-liners and has no fundamentals behind his bull

    ETH ADA DOT are 3rd Generation Technology- they do everything BTC has done plus everything BTC can never do

    If you really want to say BTC is like land – then ok
    Buying BTC is like buying Swamp Land

  2. Secure Maple

    Michael was bitcoin sceptic! Now he is overly excessive. This is like the converted priest is more devout as compared to those who were born as one! Raoul is more nimble and smarter. 💯

  3. Garett Darian

    Holding is good sometimes but you will have to have really large amount to benefit from it properly but you have a good point in the sense that it would be smart to use this route to build your portfolio to a level where you can hold and make money effortlessly. Holders playing the long game sure does teach patience, its a far cry from instant gratification we have conditioned ourselves to focus our energies on. The best thing to do in this period is to invest in crypto and silver, My portfolio and investment manager and advisor, Mr. Javi Claudia, a professional Bitcoin Miner handles my trades on his platform so well all i do is invest and he runs the trades himself and send back my (ROI) to me. Get to him on Telegram
    With the username ( javicla )

  4. Mr Enthusiast

    Paul or Pal?

  5. Tony Correnti

    Ok . . . . I can't take any more of that guy. He's trying WAY too hard to argue against Ethereum without really saying anything.

  6. Tony Correnti

    Michael Saylor didn't say to NOT buy Ethereum.

  7. EIP 1559, ethereum staking taxable event every time

  8. Jamie Tree, your content is good, but please stop with the clickbait titles.

  9. Matic Bedenik

    ADA for the #1

  10. Great video thanks!

  11. Fast n Furious

    Clickbait is tiring on this channel 👎

  12. Addison Jazlyn

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  13. Stephen Dohan

    Who is more convincing? The "TRUTH" is being manufactured before you eyes?

  14. Stephen Dohan

    What a bunch of infomercial! It is too obvious that value of something is how much the seller can convince the buyer will pay.

  15. Glen Beagley

    Check out Healing Potion token (HPPOT). @FinancePotion – Twitter.
    Fantastic project the guys are working on.
    3months old and still so much more to be released.

  16. But BTC is not land and you cannot build anything on it. It is just a brand, scarcity and a secure network. Actually a platform like ETH is more like land you build on top of. It is not like ETH is built on top of BTC. Saylor seems to say that BTC is crypto land… but this analogy has its limits although his analysis is interesting. I think ETH will compete with ALGO, DOT, etc… so it is not protected but it has the edge… provided its technology works in the future…

  17. Lindsay Carlton

    wow this is a nice video, Sincerely speaking investment in crypto and forex trading is easier when you have the strategies and knowledge, I tried trading on my own but lost totally, until i met stacy maya. I advise you place your trade with an expert who knows how to trade…

  18. Have for getting poor

  19. Both are right. Only you need to do is to choose what to do with YOU.

  20. Ravi Pradhan

    Listen to Raoul…best for next 12 months…not for 10 yrs. Very telling.

  21. Bitcoin Portfolio

    I would be more bullish on ETH if it had a supply cap. The fiat structure is worrisome long term (10 to 20 years)

  22. The most long winded "because it's not Bitcoin" reason for not hodling ETH I've ever heard. He actually made a case for why OTHERS will invest in Ethereum, but he has his own reasons for not, because he is all-in on BTC.

  23. Forex trading has been really difficult for me to understand but my life has been better after Mrs Camilla Margaret came into my life,she helped me grow my profit and taught me how to trade on my own

  24. Francisco Balleza

    Awesome video..!!!

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