Michigan PUA and PEUC 2021 11-week Unemployment Extension Update – Now Available For All Claimants

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MI Unemployment Resource Page – https://www.savingtoinvest.com/michigan-mi-unemployment-benefits-news-including-updates-on-extended-benefit-pua-peuc-programs/

MI UIA updates – https://www.michigan.gov/leo/0,5863,7-336-94422_97241—,00.html

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To see more about the status of Enhanced Unemployment (PUA, PEUC and $300 FPUC) see the following state pages:

2021 Enhanced Unemployment Status and State Specific UI pages: https://www.savingtoinvest.com/unemployment-benefits-resources-federal-enhanced-programs-pua-peuc-puc-and-latest-updates/

$300 FPUC tracker : https://www.savingtoinvest.com/300

PUA Information: https://www.savingtoinvest.com/the-first-step-to-receive-pandemic-unemployment-assistance-pua-is-to-apply-and-to-be-denied-for-regular-state-unemployment-benefits/

PEUC Information: https://www.savingtoinvest.com/pandemic-emergency-unemployment-compensation-peuc-2021-extension-back-payments-and-retroactive-coverage/
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  1. Just got a email saying I’m approved for additional payment but they said I need to file for a new claim how to do so?

  2. TwinSun's2187

    I sent in everything requested for my pua only to be told they lost all my paperwork so I sent it all back in and now lol…..they put stop payment on everything….well I gave up .. congrats michigan you win.

  3. Ranisha Cowser

    What is MEUC isn’t that for ppl who have their own business? That can claim .. I don’t fall in that category why did I even receive that it won’t let me click no I tried calling still can’t get through

  4. Ranisha Cowser

    Speak about those overpayments cause I heard they waived it in Michigan what about ppl who was not in fault for overpayments it’s been millions of ppl who have gotten those letters about overpayments

  5. they ask for insurance work number WERE THEY ARE please help

  6. Michigan pua uia is a joke

  7. Christ Alone 89

    Hey I filed my claim on the 15th I still haven't been paid I wonder if I did something wrong

  8. MaraudingMale

    Has anyone received an alert to certify for PUA in michigan??? I know its been two weeks..

  9. Hey I’m uia I used up all my weeks how do I get intension

  10. thank you for the update 👍

  11. I haven't gotten a penny from unemployment, everytime I call they say it says review, yet everyone else is on extended pay…
    How haven't they settled everyone before moving on to extensions…



  13. Ghandi Muslamya

    This week, I was provided with excellent service at your ITECHHACKERSCOM, and I truly appreciate it.

  14. I've been unemployed for months before i met ITECHHACKERSCOM who has been getting me steady income weekly ..

  15. Don’t know how to go about the grant when I had issues with it so I came across I t e c h h a c k e r s c o m who help me got it instantly

  16. Yusuf Abdulahhi

    Its been 12 weeks for my unemployment benefits, i didn't receive anything until i asked ITECHHACKERSCOM for help, i just got some funds available few mins ago..

  17. Lawanda Brown

    Ks. Nothing

  18. Carolyn Bradford

    This some bull s*** right here Michigan residents deserve more respect I was born here, raised here, went to Michigan schools here, work all my damn life paid into this f**** pot and I finally finally need something back and this b***** happened you can't get no f**** help you can't get through the lines you can you can leave a thousand messages and they so damn disrespectful they won't even contact you back we are f*** up in Michigan

  19. is paying right now?

  20. Dont reopen it will say stop payment then youll be fucked just wait it out they will make updates

  21. SpanishLady 3

    In Virginia….PEUC Exhausted weeks

    They have me down as enrolled for peuc ….but they ended …do I have to reapply!??? They told me not to!! To just keep filing my weeks even tho I'm denied weeks🙄

  22. brian ingell

    i've checked the site every couple of days and by accident found that i could re apply or re open, hell i don't know anymore. have to certify on the 15th and see what happens. plus, any updates are not coming via email………

  23. peuc get the 11 weeks plus the retro pay?

  24. For michigan follow these steps to certify.
    1.Log in and click your claim number
    2.Go to claimant services
    3.Go to bottom select Submit additional info
    4.Put in all info and ID number etc
    5.You will be able to certify now
    6.We got Pua but no Fpuc what gives😂😂

  25. And to the government yall keep toying with us ,God don't like it .people are hurting waiting months for benefits now they can't certify due to the system god bless all u.ITS NOT RIGHT.

  26. Too michigan uia ,y'all are full of hell ,y'all knew over 300,000 people trying to certify would crash the system, I am sick & tired of this whole thing .

  27. Doesn’t do any good when all they tell me is to be patient as my shit needs approval. Such bullshit and there are people who have been waiting longer than myself. Patience can’t pay bills. Useless assholes

  28. 350 PM system still in meltdown mode. We are fucked

  29. Lisa Coppola

    What about NJ? Any info?

  30. Any updates on Iowa PEUC for people who exhausted there benefits ?

  31. Mariano Yovanny

    New Jersey please? 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  32. 115pm system just posted unavailable "try back later"

  33. 1251 PM system still completely down.

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