MICROSOFT STOCK ANALYSIS – Why It is Undervalued Now! The Best Dividend Growth Stock!

Hi everyone, this is an in-depth Microsoft (MSFT) stock analysis video. I will talk about why I believe Microsoft is one of the best dividend growth stocks and why …


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  1. do a LULU video!

  2. Can you do Xiao-mi

  3. great info, grateful for sharing

  4. Feeling Motivation

    Really great analysis! Great job!

  5. i think the bigger problems are now uncertain and turbulenced times. it makes hard say i put money in a stock and wait years to grow.

  6. Roger Rutana

    Thanks alot. But isnt the last 5 years growth less than 20%?

  7. chill ecommerce

    More services that are undervalued are their power apps – in couple of years it will be used in most commercial businesses

  8. I love Microsoft as a company, not as a stock. It’s overvalued. I need the price to fall in half for me to invest in it

  9. It’s not undervalued. The 5 year PE ratio is 59.45 😐

  10. It is clear to me that your presentation was well researched, and I find the information given to be very helpful. Great job!

  11. Thank you for taking the time to do this great analysis…will continue to follow and watch your channel my friend!

  12. Can you add video on MSFT 60 billion dollar buy back program

  13. What I love about companies like MSFT is that there are many new growth catalysts that are ever evolving. Always have a chance to return to growth!

  14. Hi Victor, can you please do an analysis on MasterCard ($MA), Visa ($V), PayPal ($PYPL), and Square ($SQ). Thanks

  15. Love your channel!

  16. Great analysis. I added more earlier. Did my DD

  17. Please add video on
    ISRG. Thanks,

  18. Duke of Prunes II

    Great analysis of Microsoft, which is the biggest holding in my portfolio by far. It has performed very well for me over the past 12 years or so. One bit of constructive criticism: Speak a bit slower. Otherwise, excellent 👌

  19. Devin Whittemore

    Great video! Thank you ☺️

  20. Cobbs Capital

    Loved the video Victor, keep up the great work!

  21. Really a huge fan of this channel. Thanks for the great content

  22. Great analysis! 😀

  23. Thanks for your video. Do you have withholding tax for MS dividend in Canada?

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