Mobile Network Evolution – 1G to 4G and beyond | Virtual Talk

A talk on the infrastructure and evolution of Mobile Networks – Peter Shiret

Peter Shiret, a semi-retired network integration engineer and trainer, will present a general overview of the evolutionary steps and network functional changes that have enabled our everyday use of a mobile, now more ubiquitous than any other communications device ever invented.

With a glimpse of what these networks will enable next ……. His career spans some 50 years, and in 1985 he became a Digital Systems Support Manager within BT’s London Networks Organisation, responsible for the testing and integration of an alternative digital switching system known as AXE10 (System Y), in what would become a technically challenging program, to replace all of London’s analogue telephone exchanges with the minimum amount of service impact.

In January 1992 he was head hunted for the role of network integration manager for the world’s first 1800Mhz GSM network (One2one) working for Ericsson.

He subsequently specialised as an integration consultant working on 3G mobile satellite systems for ICO, Inmarsat’s Regional Broadband Global Area Network (R-BGAN) and ultimately BGAN.

In 1999 he co-founded and was chairman of Flint Consulting Ltd, now a leading European ICT company, specialising in the design, configuration and integration of mobile network infrastructure.

Peter Shiret
Former Chairman & Co-Founder of Flint International
(Fixed & Mobile Network Integration Specialists)

Date of telerecording: 13-12-2020


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